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Try this for free nappies. No catches - I have just received mine



  • I was told that if you go into labour while shopping somewhere like tesco or sainsburys, they give you a year supply of nappies, I dont know how true this is... I was told this when expecting my first.. my friend said her sister had a few tightenings, and a staff member went rushing over asking if she was ok, my friends sister said yeah she was fine just normal pregnancy stuff and the staff said oh thats a shame if you were going into labour you could get free nappies!!!

    Thanks for the link though will go and have a try.. as tescos say... every little helps!!! pmsl
  • o00oo theres an idea tigerfeet. we can all hang around in tescos at our due dates lol sorted on nappies for ages lol might bankrupt them but hey worth it lol
  • You did well to get your free nappies! This link went round about six months ago and loads of us did it and none of us got anything!

    L x
  • Ladies

    Be very careful about putting your details into this website - This website does not have the secure logo at the bottom of your screen meaning people can access your details.

    Not saying you won't receive the free nappies - but what I am saying is that anyone can access your information if they know how to do it.

    Just be careful x
  • Boots give you a free hamper if you go into labour in one of their shops aswell, my mw told me that.
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