Severe Abdominal Pain!!!


I'm in so much pain as am writing this. I have severe pain from my belly button down, It feels like stabbing/burning and stinging all in one. Worse if i move. I dont think am getting tightnings. I am 37 weeks. ANyone have any advice? xx


  • Could it be early signs of labour? is it a constant pain or is it coming and going?

  • its constant pain! it really hurts!!
  • then you should go straight to the hospital.
  • call a midwife now!!!
    Filo x
  • ok will do xx
  • Yup either straight to hospital or mw. I hope everything is ok hun xx
  • hi just wondered have you phoned a midwife or anything?hope you are ok, let us know how you get on x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Oh heather, how are you now?? Let us know hun xxxx
  • Hiya.

    I rang and they told me to go straight in, so i did. They put me on the monitor and i didnt know before i got there, but i was getting tightenings every 5 mins lasting for 45 seconds-to a minute. So was on there for an hour. Pulse was high - 92bpm and BP was high for me 110/70. Been getting a few headaches. But they wern't concered about any of it really part from my BP. Just to go to the doctors if my headaches get worse. They gave me some codiene and paracetamol and sent me home about half 10ish.

    They have decided that my labour is starting and when my tightenings start to hurt, to go back. I'm now 37 weeks and they just gonna let it happen. So just a waiting game now. Bet i still go over tho!!

    Was scary being on the monitor and seeing it pick them contractions up! they were peaking at 85%! Had an internal but my cervix is still closed. Suppose thats why they sent me home!

    So i'm ok, Just uncomfortable with this continuous pain and my tightenings! Gonna bounce on a ball to see if i can speed things up a bit!

    Heather xxx
  • Hey Heather

    Good Luck hun and do keep us up to date!!!

    Cheriste xxx
  • Glad that you got yourself sorted and hope it is labour for you so you don't go over. Good luck. Filo x
  • oo00oo thats gotta be good if you've started labour! i was born 2 weeks early and i'm fully cooked. Hope its not to bad keep us posted!
  • Yeah i can see me having these tightenings for ages! they not slowing down but they not getting stronger either, and the pain in my stomach is killing!! i had nothing like this with my first!

    My cervix aint even changed yet. Just have to wait and see xx
  • Get some Raspberry Leaf Tea down you. It'll thin out your cervix.
    Good luck !!
    Karys 17+2 weeks
  • Good Luck Heather - I really hope you start full labour - after all the pain you have had with SPD.
    Keep us up to date
    luv Jac
  • good luck! hope everything goes well for you and baby! hope pain dosnt get too bad for you
    love shaz xx
  • HI Heather,
    I've been away for a few days, just seen your post about going into labour, so pleased for you. DId everything go ok, its now the 14 th so I really hope you've had the baby. PLease plese post again and let us know how you'v been.
  • Hi...I aint had the baby yet, everything stopped!! Typical!

    I had what i believe to be a show last night so i'm praying for it to start again.

    Just bout a smoothie thing from the supermarket and it has 1 and half pinapples in and some banana to take away the edge of the taste. Gonna drink the whole bottle tonight to try n get things going. Tastes a bit minging but gotta be better than eating raw pinapple!


    Heather 37 + 5xxx
  • hevma, i'm afraid to say pineapple doesn't work. perhaps if you were to eat 5 of the buggers in one go. but if you don't like the stuff don't force it down coz it won't do a thing!!
  • ok thanks for that. Does anything work?? xx
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