I think im pregnant, but not sure any advice

Hi, i'm new to this site ,
well it all started on friday night 28/03 when i felt like butterflys in my tummy, first i thought it was wind, but it has happened every day since, at different times of the day, i have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all have come back negative, and have had all my periods, but some thing is definatly moving in side me, has this happened to any one else or any one you know, please help i feel like im going mad !!!!!!!!111:\?


  • Can't help I'm afriad - but didn't want to read n run. If you are concerned at all, get an appt with ur gp as soon as poss. Mite be something like trapped wind etc that is flaring up at odd times for whatever reason but cud be anything - you do hear stories of people being pg without knowing til the day they go into labour.

    Good luck either way xx
  • I would say its too early to feel baby move. you don't tend to feel anything untill at least 16 weeks. when i had my 1st scan at 14 weeks I was still kind of surprised there was a baby there but then i had'nt had any symptoms. after 3 negative tests I'd give it a few days or see your gp and see if he can shed any light on the matter. xxx
  • sorry guys forgot to mention the last time i had intercurse was 27 november ..........
  • Well IF u r, that wud make it nearly 18 weeks from last day of intercourse to 28th March so plausible I guess. You have just got to go see ur gp, explain what's happened and go from there. Please come back and let us know how u get on as well xx


  • that would make your about 4 months pg but seeing as you've just negative tests. have you had any other pg symptoms? sore boobs, sickness, a bit of a bump?? either way I think a trip to the docs might be needed best to get these things looked into to put your mind at rest. xxx
  • i've had a little girl already shes 3 now and was really i'll with that pregnancy. I feel a little swolen around the belly area and is really hard, and my boobs are abit vainy, but i think i will book and appiontment with my gp in the morning and will let you know how i get on, thanks all xxx:\)
  • well i went to the docs today and i'm not pg , i have a really bad infection in side that is causing muscle spasums, thanks for all your support girls xxxxxxxxx
  • Hope that you are happy with the result hunni. Hope your infection clears up soon.

    For anyone else reading this that has gone through the same thing, after a certain amount of time, pg tests come up negative anyway, because the hormone is no longer present in your urine

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