period type pains - 37 weeks tomorrow

Is this a sign that labour may be on it's way or am I just being rather hopeful? They aren't contractions as not coming and going, have had the pain for an hour or so, all round back and front, fairly mild but uncomfortable so have taken paracetamol.

Any words of wisdom gladly accepted, even if it's to say I'm being silly and labour is many weeks away!!!



  • oh no it certainly could be the start i would say - backache & period type pains can also be the start of it !! I would put your feet up if you can & take it easy for a while & see if they continue xx

    Good luck x
  • Hi Debbie had my son 10 years ago so casting my mind back I had some Braxton hicks a little like your describing, but when actual labour started there was no mistaking it!
  • thanks, I shall see what happens! Am suddenly terrified at the thought of going into labour! Was only 2/5 engaged on Sunday so maybe the pain is just baby moving down further? It's so boring waiting for baby to come!!!
  • Hi Debbie, am 37 wks tomorrow as well and have been having some mild lower cramps and twinges, I had a mw appointment today and she said that the head is 3/5s engaged and these feelings are normal for this stage.
    Hopefully not too long to go now!
  • I'm 37 weeks, been having period type pains off and on for a couple of weeks and no sign of lo yet!! Midwife says its normal - practice contractions or the baby moving down.

    I'm jealous of you 37 weekers with baby engaged.. as of last friday my baby wasn't engaged at all....i'm hoping he gets a move on!
  • I got pains like thats at weekend for 3hrs non-stop but never had any since i'm 36 wks
  • And there was me getting all excited that labour might be on its merry way! As of Sunday I was 2/5 engaged. Good to know it's normal even if doesn't mean I'm going to have a baby soon!!
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