Paint Fumes ?


My OH did some painting in the bedroom yesterday afternoon, emulsioning the walls. He did 2 and a bit walls. By the time I went to bed I could smell the paint but it wasn't an overbearing smell.

I'm hoping that by sleeping in there I haven't done the baby any harm. Today he's glossing so I will probably stay in the living room tonight as the gloss smells stronger.

any advice please? :\?

Jules x x


  • we painted our whole flat recently and although i could smell it when i went to bed i dont think there is anything to worry about we didnt gloss tho
  • i was really worried about this when we painted our nursery, but paint isnt like it used to be. they are no longer made with lead in them which was the really dangerous ingredient. You are advised to use paint with a low VOC content though so perhaps take a look at the tin and check out what level is in the one your oh used.
    im sure all will be fine tho hun

    Lis x
  • As far as I know emulsion is fine as it is water based and has less nasty stuff. Gloss is worse so if I were you I would sleep downstairs tonight!
  • We painted our whole house including gloss on skirting when I was in my first trimester. As long as you keep the rooms well ventilated you shouldnt have a problem. My OH was worried about me doing it when he wasnt there as I have no sence of smell so wouldnt have a clue if the fumes were too strong so I just left every possible window open and took regular breaks. To be honest I was more worried about catching pneumonia. My doc also said it was Ok as long as the rooms were ventilated.
  • I was up a ladder painting my bathroom ceiling whilst in the very early stages of what turned into a 24 hour labour with my son.
    As long as you have a window open you will be ok and be sure to ventilate well while the paint is drying.

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