4D scans, are they worth it??

Hi ladies

I'm really stuck about deciding whether or not to have a 4D scan. I would LOVE one but here in NI they cost ??240 :O which is alot of money at the best of times, but to us at the minute is a huge amount!
Anyway, h2b has said it's entirely my decision and we can put our HIP grant towards it if I really want one but I just don't know what to do!

What's your opinions girls? Are they worth it?

Jo xx


  • personally, i think NO. not worth it, although i've never had one, btu thats becase i don't think they're worth it. our plan was to have a normal 2d scan around 28weeks (much cheaper, 4d scans are about ??140, the plain 2d with just a cople of pics was more like ??70) just for some reassurance and to break that long gap between 20week scan and actually meeting baby, especially as i do'nt want to actually see her face and features just get a general last look at her before she arrives, i'd like to leave what she looks like as a surprise. as it happens i need a growth scan at 28weeks anyway, so won't be havingt he private scan now, but if it wasn't for that then thats what we were gonna do....so maybe that would be an option for u? ??240 is a lot of money, and i can think of loads of thinks i would much rather buy for baby, in fact that would be cot, crib, breastpump and change table, and with money left over for a few clothes/toys/nappies. entirely ur decision as to whther it is worth it. i'm sure the people who have had a 4d scan loved every second of it. xx
  • Hi hun I think that is a lot of money to be honest. I couldn't justify spending that and would rather just wait to see baby. I know they say it's great for bonding but you can do that just by talking to bump and maybe getting a Doppler but as It's such a personal choice only you will know what you want to do. X
  • Thanks for the opinions girls, I really am so torn! on 1 hand it is such alot of money and we really can't afford to waste a penny at the minute, but on the other hand I'd love to see my little girl again and have the extra confirmation that she's a girl image

    I actually never thought about having just a 'normal' scan, though even that is ??180 here, still worth thinking about if I feel I can't do without, thanks for the idea WoW Baby! xx
  • i had mine last sunay and loved every second of it.
    we paid ??140 but im sure i would have paid 240 to have it done...
    its the memories too, you cant put a price on them!
    i love watching the dvd and showing the pics to everyone.
    i am very tempted to have another lol... but o/h would not allow it!
    i was 27 wks so it broke up the 20 wk stretch quite nicely. plus they do all measurements so its reassuring too
    go for it... xxx
  • It is entirely personal choice and it is alot of money when expecting a new arrival.
    We were discussing this this morning as I am keen to, like Kiriaman said to break up the next 18 week wait and have something to look forward to, as well as see my little chap again image
    I have done some research and where we live they vary from ??130 to ??200 so a little cheaper than NI.
    Hubs is in for a big bonus so he is happy to put some of it towards seeing our little pud again and I am certainly not going to argue with him!!
    Think I will book it for around 28 weeks.
    Good luck with your decision xxx
  • G/C here but I would say that if you can afford it - go for it!!
    I had one at 26 weeks and it was truly amazing - I saw each of her features and loved watching her move around inside me. Having said that, I only had a 3d scan (didn't bother with the video as I couldn't imagine watching it very often if at all! so I just opted for the pics).
    We didn't know what we were having so just asked the sonographer to keep away from the nether regions!
    I loved it and if we ever have another baby then I'd do it all over again!
    Good luck making your decision!!
  • We had one with DD and are having it again with this one on Thursday. They were really good and kept away from her bits so we still had no idea what we were having. Hubby wasn't keen on it at first, but I wanted one and now he is pleased we did, so we are doing it again for this baby. It is ??99 where we live for 30 mins session plus pics etc. It is a personal decision so good luck. xx
  • It's such a personal thing.
    For us we couldn't justify that amount of money for a scan plus they really freak me out! Lol.
    I looked into the prices as a just in case we can't find out next week at our 20wk scan and they're only ??95 but that's still a lot of money.
    It is entirely up to you
  • hi, we have one booked as hubby wanted to do it, and also so our other two kiddies can get to see baby (they got two mins at the end of the 20 week scan), but ours is *only* ??100. In all honesty if it was any more expensive than what we're paying I wouldn't have bothered. I never had it with the other two and I bonded with them just as well as if I'd done it.
  • we've just booked a scan for the 18th September! It is costing ??95 for a 30 minute appointment , a DVD, and photos. We didn't have one first time around but thought that we would this time so that our little boy can see his baby sister. I also want to check that she really is a girl! It's a lot of money though, and I'm not sue I would want to pay ??240.

  • We had one done with our DS. We think it was worth every penny but saying that, we went to a company local to us called 4dbabyface and got a silver package for ??130 which got us a 45 minute appointment, a dvd of the whole appointment and a disc containing all the photographs that were taken which was 47 photographs in total. We have printed one off and put it in a frame so we can look at him whenever we like. It really does help with bonding with your baby.

    ??240 does seem a lot of money though. Are there any other companies available in your area so you can check out the competition.

    Take care

    bm xx
  • Hi huni, it really is personal choice but I decided against it. For us it wasn't even a money decision as my Dad had very kindly offered to pay. For me it was something I decided I'd rather wait for. I'd always found it a little strange knowing what our baby looked like before we even met him but 1 of our sonographers also said it probably wasn't worth it so that made our decision. I can totally understand how amazing it'd be though so again it's all about personal choice and maybe if you feel it's a little too much xxx
  • G/c I had about 10 4D scans as a friend at work wanted to practice (who was I to refuse lol) I love the 100s of pictures we have of ds and like others our bump stayed yellow. As much as I loved it I don't know if I would be able to justify spending that sort of money on one. I'd be tempted to ask family for money towards it as a Christmas/birthday present probably x
  • O if only I had a friend like yours Kayssis!! My birthday is coming up next month so I'm really liking your idea of asking for little donations from family! xx
  • I had one at 26 weeks and while it was an amazing experience as I was a first-timer, when I'm pg with no.2 I won't be having one. For 10 minutes of seeing your baby who you will meet properly in a few more months, it's not worth the money IMO. With ??240 you can buy something a lot better for baby - sorry if not what you wanted to hear! xx
  • Not sure where you live but have you tried to look around for a private scan center. With both DS1 and now DS2 I have gone to bayscan who do a brilliant reassurance scan including 4 photos, cd of all images and DVD for ??120. With DS1 he wasn't palying ball so they invited us back the next week for free and with DS2 again would not face the front so only side shots but we were too late to come back again so they knocked ??20 off.
    The photos and videos are brilliant, can see them yawning, smiling sucking fingers etc. Also they do all teh measurements, can even give you an estimated birth weight.

    I personally think if you can afford it then its work every penny.
  • Hi Jodibump, I live in Northern Ireland and unfortunately there are only 3 places here that offer them, think it's why the prices are so huge, there's just no competition image xx
  • Hi Huni

    I think it's a personal choice really. We ummed and arhhed for ages & then I just thought f**k it were having one, it's not as if baby is gona miss out on having something he/she needs because we spent money on the scan, plus everything it's taken to get here I thought were making the most of this pg I also plan to have bump to birth photo's too if we have the money.

    We had our 4D scan yesterday and we are both soooo pleased that we booked it, we also ended up using HIP towards it but even if it wasnt paid into our account we still wouldve paid the money ourselves.

    Anyway the experience was fantastic, my parents came too & we were all just in awe of our gorgeous little bubs. We are team yellow & even though we have seen the 4D images we are still none the wiser so wiil still have a lovely surprise when bubs arrives.

    We were able to get lots of images and I cant stop looking at them they are just amazing & I may be biased but our bambino is gorgeous!! has got a cute little button nose & a gorgeous pout LOL!!

    If you do decide to have one, you wont regret it but if you dont then you'd be nine the wiser.xxx
  • Hi, i had one with DD1 and it cost us ??190 but it was WELL worth it!
    I felt i bonded with her even when i was still pregnant.
    It depends on what u get for your money, for ??190 we got 6 printed 4D photos, 4D dvd lasting about 20mins with baby moving, rubbing her eyes, yawning, stretching etc and we got to chose soundtracks for the backing music. We got a disc with about 40 images of our baby, a 'its a girl' photo frame and 50% off a reassurance scan so we will defo be booking one again.
    But its a personal choice image xx
  • Is it any cheaper if you got a boat over to England? Just wondered if you could be a foot passenger & still get it cheaper?x
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