Icandy Apple Special Edition

Hi girls,
Just wondering if anyone has this pram. I had narrowed it down to the Icandy Special Edition or the Bugaboo Chameleon, but when I went to the shop to test them I found I prefered the Icandy. Does anyone have it and what would be your comment about it.
Thanks in advance,
Clare xx


  • Hiya, ive got the icandy apple sitting waiting for me to pick, i didnt go for the special addition one as i thought the spots were more for a girl but really nice. and just check that your happy with the car seat sitting on the chasis, i wasnt impressed wth that but i wont be using my car seat on it, coz its a bit rocky, i chose a different car seat altogether.

  • I had the same dilema! I read lots of reviews and the icandy had issues such as wheels getting stuck, activating shop alarms, seat getting stuck etc.in the end the price difference was so mininal between the special and the chameleon we went for the bugaboo as it had so many more features that the Icandy didn't.
    My friend just brought the icandy and has yet to use it but has already had to send the main seat back as it was broken!
    Hope that helps x
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