Tummy Cramps

I just over 6 weeks pregnant and feeling worried, over the last week I have been having terrible cramps in my tummy worse at night. I saw the GP who said it is normal as everything is expanding but it is really scary when they come on.
Has anyone else had this


  • Yes, I had (and still have) bad cramps. They started quite early on in pregnancy like you and have been on and off ever since. I'm now 16+1. Please try not to worry (easier said than done I know), it is completely normal, although some lucky people don't get it. You might want to get checked for a urine infection though if it is really bad. Mine got really bad at one point, waking me up in the night in a cold sweat, etc. and it turned out I did have a urine infection at that point. But I hadn't had any other classic UTI symptoms.

    And since then my urine has always been fine, but I still get the cramps. And I've had scan and midwife listened to heartbeat yesterday and all is fine, so it obviously has been no cause for concern.

    Unless there is bleeding or the pain is unbearable, do not worry. But like I say, might be worth going to your doc and asking them to check for UTI.


    ps congratulations!!!
  • thanks for the advice it is really hard at the moment as I have not told anyone as it is so early, I will get an appt to check out in case I have a water infection.

    How is your bump shaping up?
  • I know, it's really hard when you've never experienced it before and you don't want to tell anyone, that's why this site is so invaluable!!!

    My bump is shaping up nicely - I am actually quite huge considering this is my first!!

  • looking forward to showing oh and being able to tell everyone our good news
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