Fetal Heart Doplers

Are they safe to use - i am sure if i buy one i will be attched to it for the next 8 months!


  • yes they are safe to use, they're the same thing as ur midwife/gp will use just not as sensitive, but bare in mind most ppl can't pick the heartbeat up on one of these until at least 12 weeks, my doctors one didn't even pick ours up til 13 weeks and some times ppl won't find anything until 16 weeks depending on position of baby and placenta




  • Yep,,,they are safe and i'd highly recommend the angle sounds fetal doppler from amazon!

    I thought i'd get addicted too but actually haven't used it since i started having movements.

    From 12 weeks - 22 weeks it was nice and reassuring to hear the heartbeat as i didn't really feel like i was pregnant


  • i second what lixiedixie said, the angel sounds is fab- i found a heartbeat everytime but i didn't buy mine till 16 wks.

    I really helped my oh feel part of my pregnancy too



  • i have one, mine was the one in argos but i couldnt pick anything up until about 22 weeks, was reassuring to know i could listen whenever i like, but even now it doesnt pick it up all the time so not very good if ur a natural worrier ! i would recommend though x
    tinkerbell x

  • i bought one from argos too, it was purple cant mind what it was called but it had the word summer in it. it was absaloutly crap!!! dont buy it, lol xx
  • hi i have the angelsounds doppler and would highly reccomend as long as your not a worrier as you cant always find bubs heartbeat
    claire x


  • Hi
    I love my angel sounds doppler, altho i was about 16 weeks before i heard a heartbeat, but before them i heard movement. I dont use it much now as i feel her move all the time, so dont need the reassurance now.
    I def recommend one though, theyre fab!

    Sharon x

  • hi ive just got an angle sounds doppler and i love it im 14+4 and i pick baby up every time and hear kicks too.
    i wouldnt be without it xxxxxxxxxx
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