Contraception after pregnancy

Im only 17 and when my baby is born i do NOT want another. So just wondering when can u start using contraception after the birth and what type would be best?


  • Your midwife will discuss options with you after you have had your baby.


    Sazzle xx
  • Simple for us - no sex! :lol:

    We will go back to using condoms I think... we used them for at least a year before I got pregnant as we wanted the pill totally out of my system before we started trying.

    They're not the best no, but they were ok for us!

    Joo xxx
  • Thanx for advice. Wouldnt want to use the pill you see as i was on that when i fell pregnant!!!!!!
  • We're going to use condoms too but for the opposite reason to you Cloe, we do want another! I don't want to go back on the pill or use any sort of contraception that might interfere with that!

    Hopefully you can find something that works well for you.

    Bec 24+6 x
  • hi im having the mirena coil. i cought with my 1st LO whilst on the pill and my 2nd so def wont be using that again after my 2nd i had the mirena and had no problems for 3 years had it taken out to ttc and caught 2 weeks later
    claire x
  • If you dont want the pill - perhaps try the implant or coil?

  • Are you going to breastfeed your baby when it's born as that can make a difference to what contraception you use I think... So you can't have the combined pill but you can have the mini pill.
    You could find out about the Depo injection if you definitely don't want another baby for at least a couple of years... I have no idea though whether it's ok to breastfeed when you're on Depo so worth asking.
  • I will be breastfeeding hopefully so I think the pill is out. Will just use condoms for the 5months I plan to b'feed and dont reckon I'll even want sex for a couple of those months! lol! After that plan to go back on Femodene pill as had no problems at all with it previously and am not planning another baby for a few years.
  • Hi, ive also been thinking about this recently but havnt yet decided on what to go for. i got cought on the pill with my 15month old daughter and breastfed her for 6months whilst on the mini pill which worked fine, but after baby no2 i do not want any more under any circumstances so will get something more long term, im hoping to discuss this after the birth with my midwife as i dont want something thats going to make me put on weight or anything. xxx
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