Depression and Panic Attacks!

Before I got pregnant I was prone to both the above but came off my tablets in August because was on honeymoon in Mexico and thought would be fine!

But since hubby went (3 wks ago) its all come back worse than ever. I went to see Doc 2 wks ago and she said come back in 2 wks when you will be 12 wks and will be able to put you back on some tablets. So went back today coz have had major panic attacks over last week and she wont give me anything!!!

Does anybody know if there is an anti-depressant that you can take in pregnancy? Am sure midwife said that there were some I could take but doc is adamant there isnt.

Just want to stop crying!:cry:


  • I'm sorry I don't know of anything you can take in pregnancy but I bet all the extra hormones flying around your body aren't helping things! I had a problem with panic attacks a few years ago and got rid of mine with some hypnotherapy sessions and some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming - sounds strange but its a type of cognitive behavioural therapy) sessions.

    I found it really helpful and more than three years later they haven't returned. If you contact the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy you should be able to find a list of people practising in your area.

    I really symphathise, its a horrible way to feel and I hope this helps.
  • have got an emergency appt with my hospital counsellor at 11. will ask her bout this. thanks x
  • hi love i am sorry to hear that you are feeling low i suffer with panic attacks after my boys where born. i was tables a long time but take off them because of heart condition i found it very hard . the thing that help me most having group counselling . talk to your doctor see he can recomed something. Good luck from cazmac
  • good luck for the appointment i hope they can do something for you., have been through depression and in early pregnancy i struggled, but there is help out there, cant believe ur mw..they will help u.. dont understand y she said that.

    hope ur ok

  • you can see if your allowed St Johns Wart or primrose oil? they are a natural therapy that is supposed to help depression. i really sympatrhise as i suffer both problems myself although my panic attacks are brought on by crowded places. so i now avoid it or find something to distract my mind from the claustraphobia of crowds. Docs watching me and asked for me to watch myself for signs of depression and i've been lucky as i've hada few low days but see to be holding up beta since 12 week scan
  • They do recommended that you don't take anti depressants in pregnancy or st johns wort due to possible risks of birth defects.

    I would see if you can be referred to the psychiatric community mental health team as they should be able to offer you support thought out your pregnancy and use CBT techniques to help with the panic attacks. A psychiatrist may give you some Prozac/ fluoxetine which is the safest to use in pregnancy but they still prefer to prescribe it as a last resort.

    The following links will give you some info on panic attacks and depression - 27k - 18k - 23k

    Hope some of it helps

    Jillycat x
  • It doesn't sound like you have the most helpful doctor! Maybe you could see a different one? Im sure there is lots of help out there for you babe, I know it can be hard accessing it, hopefuly the hospital councillor will help you in the right direction. Let us know how you get on, Im thinking of you and sending loads of hugs
    Amy xxx
  • Hi hun. I've been on anti-depressants for years and my psychiatrist reckons the only ones that are safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding are Sertraline and Seroxat. HTH. x
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