Private c-section - Any idea how much?

Hi everyone,

I'm so desperate now. Midwife came over today to do a sweep but couldn't as cervix still closed and far back.

They thought baby was 3/5 engaged but turns out it is completely unengaged and is likely to be because she is so big.

I have an induction booked for Friday 7th when i'll be 14 days over but sounds like it'll end in a c-section. They say that they'll try induction for 48 hours then do c-section. But because that falls on Sunday they'll give me the 'day off!' (staying in hospital though) and do it on Monday 10th. Turns out this is because of staff levels and they think its better to do it on a week day unless baby is in distress.

I'm furious and so sick of all this now!

Does anyone know if you can pay for a private c-section which means they'll do it sooner and not mess around with all the stress and drugs od induction?

I've tried googling it but can't find much info. I need to know where to look and also how much if any of you know?!

Thank you so much and sorry for the rant!


41+1 xxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Amy, sorry you are so fed up. I think that it is possible to pay for private care in order to get a c-section but I'm not sure you would be able to organise it at such a late stage. The only thing I can find on the internet (which you've probably already seen) is who suggest contacting Bupa to obtain a list of private hospitals in your area.
    Sorry I couldn't help more, hope it all goes well for you
  • Awww hun I really feel for you. I bet you're so fed up. I can't believe they won't induce you until the 10th, I'm sure it is dangerous to the baby to leave it later than 14 days. My mum ended up with a c-section with me as I was big (8lb 5oz, bearing in mind she is tiny) because an induction failed and I had not even engaged so similar situation. But you never know how it will turn out. I would ring BUPA and ask. xxxxxx
  • hello im clare, try drinking rasberry leaf tea or takin the capsules it is only a herbal and will not damage the baby! have you tried doing what got you in the mess as its great for gettin you out lol.
  • Oh! I think that's awful. I can't believe what they are putting you through. I don't know much about c-sections. Have you tried explaining to your midwife how fed up and upset you are? Maybe they might think about doing something this week for you? Please let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed that it all starts naturally this week.

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