Got gifts on sunday

My Nan gave me a whole basket of goodie yesterday. She said she had been dying to give them to me and I had said that I did not want gifts but she could not help it so she said LOL

I have loads of cool things, baby shower gel and shampoo, a sleeping suit, two towels where you put the little head in the bit that folds over sooooo cute. Wipes, bags of the nappies to go in, cotton wall, scratch glove's, bibs, 10 baby grows white ones, a mobile of the cot, and she has told us she will buy us the M and P bouncy chair we love.

I cried LOL it was all so lovely and has gone right into her room ready for her to come.

K xx


  • Awww bless! I love getting baby stuff!
  • It made it feel so real you know. We cleared out the babies room this weekend as well so it was sooo nice to go and put her new clothes and bits and bobs in her wardrobe. We rent and they already had a lovely big wardrobe in there so we are using thatimage

    K xx
  • Ah thats so nice of your nan.
    It does make it feel more real - I got the crib last weekend and i want hubby to build it so i can see what its like in our room.
  • Wow you got the crib which one did you go for???

    K xx
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