Swollen feet and fingers!

Hi all,

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted with the warm weather we're having at present but it's playing havoc with my feet and fingers! So much so, wedding and engagement rings have had to come off and feet are now on a foot stool at work trying to keep the swelling down!

Anybody else having the same probs and other ways of beating the swelling?



  • mines the same looks like ihve no ankle, ive tried putting feet in cold water, helps a lil bit and putting them up, but i suppose until bubs here not much else! xxxx
  • My hands have swollen slightly, enough to make my rings uncomfortable so i have taken them off (but they dnt actually look swollen). My feet n ankles are suffering the most coz i dnt sit down for more than two minutes, and wen i do sit down i usually have my legs crossed which doesn't help (out of habit). It was only last week i was commenting on how i thought id got away with any swelling and then BANG! Oh well im nowhere near as bad as i was last time and its not causing me any great discomfort at the min. Sorry to hear about your swelling theres not really much u can do other than keep cool and put ur feet up. Kerry xxx

  • Hi all, suffering the same here! Wedding & engagement rings have been off for about 3 weeks now as I am scared they will get stuck and need to be cut off.
    Has anyone else got really itchy legs when they are swollen and do you know if it is anything to worry about?
    Tammi xxx
    35.3 wks
  • Yeah i had the ichy legs thing last time dnt think its anything to worry about, i think its just ur skin stretching and been extra sensitive, try really hard not to stratch though coz i made a real mess of my legs last time and it took ages to heal up. I think u only need to worry if u get really ichy hands as it can be a sign of something be wrong with ur liver (very rare tho). Kerry xxx

  • My hands are ok but my ankles are swollen. I've got some cooling spray which helps with the discomfort but other than that I just put my feet up when I get home and the swelling's gone down by the morning (only to start again...!). I think it's one of the joys of pregnancy I'm afraid! xxxx


  • yeh i get itchy legs especially when standing up! glad im nt alone! x
  • Glad its not just me thats itching all the time then! Thought I was gonna scratch all the skin off the other night it was that bad, have got some cooling leg/foot spray now that helps a little! Tammi xxx
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