Swollen feet

Hi girls,

I have been wearing my boots today and my left foot felt funny so I just took them off and my foot is swollen, it looks all puffy I never get swollen feet even if they are hot? Do you think this is do with with being pregnant I know you can get swollen hands and feet but again thought this happened much later on?

K xx


  • when was the last time you seen someone gp or midwife??

    my feet swelt up 1st time due to the starting stages of pre-eclampsia but that wasnt until 36weeks!

    if you are worried ask for a urine test to be done... that will check your sugar levels... or maybe its your bodies way of telling you to slow down and take things easy!
  • I saw MW about two weeks ago they said my urine was fine?

    It might just be that it's hot out right now I have been getting very hot lately.

    K xx

  • its just another pregnancy thing......
  • Hey hun i had this really bad around 24 weeks, prefectly normal not to wrorry! Its because of extra fluid in your system. To help ease the swelling, rest with your feet up whenever you can! If you are worried though go see your midwife to check for protien in urine http://my.bounty.com/forums/post/125/1705170/1/1/1/protein-in-urine.htm as i think swollen feet can be a symptom xxx
  • Thank you for this, I will keep an eye on it I suffered with really high BP before I feel pregnant but funny enough my BP since falling has been fine.

    It was high at my last app and then she did it again and it was high again and so did it a 3rd time and it was fine.

    K xx
  • it also could be with how your little girl is laying,i used to get 1 foot that used to get swollen i asked the mw and she said the baby could be laying on a nerve or blood vessle

  • Oh really lol how funny is that it does only seem to be my left foot. My fingers are actually really sore as well in the joints but they are not swollen so might have nothing to do with the swollen feet.

    I get very hot anyway and the laast few weeks i have been boiling.

    K xx

  • Im swelling everywhere at the moment, Ive started to wear sandle style flip flops as my feet were swelling and also I was getting backache and since I stopped wearing high heels the bottom of my back hasnt hurt at all.

    Im so swollen and I cant wait to get home in the evening and release my boobs from my bra and get into my pj's lol.

    Also from all the baths ive been having ive been getting a little itchy so ive got some e45 bath lotion and cream to stop my skin getting dry.

    The joys pf pregnancy lol

    Georgie 19+2 xx
  • I was told if hands or feet swelled badly then you should call MW as it could be pre-eclampsia. I am sure you are fine but it may be worth ringing just incase - especially if you have had high bp at times image
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