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I am not sure what to do, the nursery I really love only has Satisfactory for everything. I am worried now so tried to look around at a few more and in my area they are all the same?

I know I have to go and see for myself but it does not feel me with happiness when the Ofsted report id satisfactory and feeling down today anyway I am just feel freaked out about where we are not going to put her name down for as i am told i have to do it this early?

K xx
21 weeks


  • hi klou i not sure about the offstaed report thing to be honest as i went by y own feelings on the nursery i put my girls into (i was wrong it was crap) but i went and put my girls names down one week and they started the next the nursery is very popular too as they have lots of extras most nurseries dont have. did the nursery themselves tell you that you have to put her name down now
    claire x
  • Hun, if i were you i'd go and have a look at them before you panic! Satisfactory is still good, it shows they are meeting all the requirements. You might find there's one you just fall in love with. Isnt there one in chafford called leapfrogs or something similar? I used to work at the dental surgery near there and only ever heard good things about it x
  • Thanks girls,

    Yeah Leapfrog is there as well they are sending me the Ofsted Reports for them. The ones we liked the look of we are trying to get an app to see but I just read things on the report that worried me. It was done June 2007 as I think they are done everything 3 years so it could be different now.

    I think I need to sleep!! I am getting myself all worked up over nothing at all. Both these places said due to a large amount of numbers in the area I would need to put her name down now for somewhere.

    K xx
    21 weeks
  • I'm pretty sure you can look up ofsted reports online sugar, i did when applying to schools for my son! Everything seems worse when you're tired and crabby, so maybe try not to think about it any more today and have a nice warm bath tonight before bed to relax you. Ant tell yourself everything will seem much more copable by the morning (I use this mantra on myself a million times a day lol, i'm thinking it might work someday!!)
  • LOL I think your right honey. I am in such a mood today thought it would have lifted by now. I have booked an app to see Just Learning next tuesday at 2pm so thats good, I will see what feel I get from it when I goimage

    K XX
    21 Weeks
  • K-Lou, with ofsted reports unless it's an unsatisfactory, please do not worry too much - there is a great deal of differences between the inspectors etc and they can be unaccurate. A satisfactory is still good, good is fab and outstanding is well fantastic. But the report is only as good as the day it is done. And sometimes it can be something silly like that marks them down from a good to a satisfactory. Also the ofsted regulations etc have changed since Sept 08 with the introduction of the EYFS.

    The best thing you can do is, is to go and visit the Nursery at least once or twice and go with your gut feeling. If the children are happy and smiling - then that is all good. Also if the staff turnover is low and they are experienced (being mums also helps).

    Ofsted reports are all online, try and talk to other Mums in the area and see where they send their children - word of mouth is brilliant - I don't advertise at the moment and my baby room is full with a waiting list.

    Sorry to ramble!! Would you like me to look at their ofsted report (I'm not an expert - but owning a nursery does help somewhat) xx
  • That would be fab thank you sooo much, the more i have spoke to friends the better I feel I do think they are hard marks to get and now I have an app booked I am looking forwrad to seeing them image

    This is the web site and the ofsted report is on there. Thank you so so much for doing this image


    K XX
    21 weeks
  • K-lou
    Just over from TTC as you know I live in chafford. One to avoid is Tudor Court Nursery. The school is fantastic but their nursery has bad rep at the moment. My friend has pulled her 4 year old out of it as she wasn't learning and a little girl got left to wander the playground.
    Not sure if it's on your list and I know a lot can change by the time your lo goes but it's just a heads upxx
  • Oh Emma thank you for that, I had not had that one down but it's great to get word of month. I have only just moved to the area so don;t know anybody who lives there so it's hard to find out where the other mum's send the little ones you know.

    K XX
    21 Weeks
  • TBH that's not a bad report if there had been another inspector they may well have got a good - because alot of it is objective. I would ask them have they implemented the actions that Ofsted had recommended. The main concern I would have is the pure size of the Nursery - 92 children is an awful lot.

    I would imagine they have improved alot if this is the same nursery chain that closed a branch in cambridge.

  • Your welcome KLou (Tudor Court is more my side of chafford, I think the opposite to you by the Sandmartin Pub).I completely understand KLou, my friend has a 4 year old and took them out of Tudor Court but I think it all comes down to word of mouth rather than reports and stuff. Hope you get it sorted, you may find when you start your antenatal classes and meet people in the area that have older children can shed some light. Until you actually meet other mums it's so tough.xx
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