Anyone ever tried this for sickness? I am going next week as still very sick everyday and not been able to eat anything. Just wanted to know what its like and does it work quickly?


  • Just bumping this back up the board

  • Hi Helen

    I have been using acupuncture to conceive and throughout my pregnancy and I cannot rate it highly enough!

    I suffered from sickness and severe headaches from 8 weeks and had acupuncture twice a month and it really helped.

    I am now 20 weeks and I must say after having a miscarriage and doing IVF I think the accupuncture has helped all the way.

    He helped to nourish little one every step of the way and as a diabetic this has been such a worry.....please try it it really is an amazing treatment and helps you to has worked wonders with my acid also.....balances everything out when the baby is taking all your energy....I sound really loopy I'm not honest...quite normal!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes??

    much love,

    Murphy xxx
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