Really Yellow wee? sorry tmi!

I have had really bright yellow wee - luminious yellow- since af was due and i still have it. I was tested for uti which was negative but my wee is really yellow & when i wipe the tissue is yellow. Its really weird and i know its nothing to worry about just wondered if anyone had had this.



  • are you drinking enough, sounds like you could be dehydrated hun.
  • could it be something you've eaten? drank? or as littlemiss said you may be dehydrated - although dehydrated wee is more dark orange than luminous yellow. that's a head-scratcher! sorry this has been no help at all!
    lau 36+3 xxx
  • are you taking a multi vit? That wil make it glow in the dark, lol!! x
  • Are you taking B vitamins?? They are water soluable and they make your wee turn yellow.
  • Hi 2bsmart- yes i have had this. It comes and goes. For me it is def not dehydration as i drink laods each day. I am nearly always thrist but i can not ossibly be dehydrated! However make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

    I noticed on occassion the more illuminous me wee the stronger the smell. This has eased off a fair bit now but certainly weeks 5-10 this happened. maybe linked with CM as this has reduced signifcantly also??

    Hope your ok after your night xx
  • yeah im taking pro natal, ironically i just read that on line. It looks like ive been eating nuclear waste!lol. Im not dehydrated as the wee is not concentrted just bright luminous yellow/green.

    Thanks girls you are a fountain of knowledge.
  • Hi,

    i am getting this too! don't think it's anything to worry about although it still surprises me everytime i see it!

  • I get this too! and normally coz I drink so much my wee is water clear! so has been a bit of a shock
  • I get this too when I havent drunk enough!! drink !!!


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