I'm gobsmacked!!!!!

I went to pick up my 4 year old from nursery, as I left I realised I'd forgotten to tell her keyworker something so I popped back in...

As I stood at the door one of the 4 year old boys ran from the other side of the room, straight to me and PUNCHED and I mean PUNCHED me right in my bump and laughed...I was so shocked I didn't know what to do, then I shouted at him (I know I shouldn't have as he wasn't my own child but I was really upset) as both the nursery nurses raced over...Poor baby was fast asleep and I literally felt him jump and he then started having a hissy fit and is still really unsettled....the nursery nurses dealt with the boy and I just left it...

I wouldn't have minded if he touched, rubbed or patted my tummy as children as so curious about babies in the tummy but I cannot get over the fact he punched me.....

right, rant over and on friday I'll wear body armour.....sheesh...


  • OMG!!!

    Do you think his mummy is pregnant and someone has jealousy issues?

    That is horrible though whatever! I soooo dont blame you for shouting it would have been instinct and a bloody shock!

    I think you are extremely brave to think about re-entering such a dangerous place lol

    Love Lee
  • Would be interesting to know how the nurses dealt with it and what the parents said. Sounds like there may be some issues in that household.
    As long as you and bump are ok thats the main thing cos that could have had more serious consequences. Take it easy tonight and make sure you and bump have time to calm down.
  • Ooer - we'll expect to see his face on Crimewatch in a few years - behavioural problems reign big time in his house I think!

    Hope you're feeling better now and bubs has settled poor thing.

  • Thats awful - no wonder you were shocked I think I'd have expected an apology off his parents too.
    When I was preg with my 1st a little boy hit me too and his mum gave him a right telling off -don't think he meant any harm but he saw people patting my bump so perhaps he thought it was OK ??
  • OMG, not surprised you shouted! I would too! Makes you wonder what he sees at home...

    Hope you and bump are ok now, that must have been a shock for both of you xx
  • What a little bugger! I wonder if the parents were told and did anything about it. 50 years ago his dad would've given him a good hiding!! Lol.

    I dont blame you for shouting - you were shocked, I would have done the same. I am glad you're both OK, but if it was a v. hard punch then maybe you should get checked anyway.

    On the subject, I dont know how those of you who are mums already cope with lo's & bumps! My oh mum is a childminder and one of the children, a 3 year old, had stole my seat cheekily so I whisked him up playfully and he went crazy flailing his feet about & kicking me in the bump! Lol. I got the message and put him down! xxxx

  • Morning everyone,

    thanks for all your messages, it's nice to know I wasn't alone in wanting to throttle the little toerag!!!

    I feel much better this morning and peanut is quite happy wiggling around and squashing my bladder...

    The staff were really good and really told him off, made him apologise and then explained to him how he needs to be gentle and ask if he wants to touch people etc etc...being a nursery nurse myself I would have done exactly the same...

    He is def one of those kids in class who doesn't know the difference between being over affectionate and aggressive. He has dragged my daughter around class before by her neck because he wanted to cuddle her...lets just say when I take peanut in for a visit after he arrive (39 days left woo hoo) I won't be letting him near him!!!!

    So I have my body armour and helmet sorted and I'll practise my ninja stealth moves this afternoon...that should prepare me for tomorrow, ha ha....

    He is a mighty morpin power rangers obssesive so I can guess where he gets it from...

    right I am taking my 4 year old bowling today at 8 months pregnant....that should be interesting, ha ha!!!!

    mmmmm......can you eat cake for breakfast?......mmmmmmm

  • oh love you sound so much better today! which is great! i'm glad he got told off because at 4 you'd expect that he should know that it's not okay to hurt people!!

    possible career moves for him sounds like mugger who uses the rugby tackle method...

    was he sorry after he'd done it? i'd of shouted too esp if the nursery staff hadn't reacted quickly enough!

    you'll defo be on guard next time tho - lol do a scan of the room throught the window before you entre so he cant pounce!

    p.s. I think cake is allowed! lol if you want it baby must 'need' it therefore you must have it!! lol any excuse haha x
  • Oh hang on ladies.. he is only 4.

    Yes OK at 4 he should know better but to label him a mugger or criminal in the making is a touch harsh. How would you feel if that was your child we were talking about.
    No we don't know what he see's in the family home etc but I think what is important here is that she and bump are OK.

    He was told off, made to say sorry and had it explained. We don't know if he has any learning troubles or undiagnosed ADHD etc. So, stop being so quick to label someone who may actually grow up to be a very nice young man.

    Glad baba is ok today, they like making us go through it huh.
  • I know what you're getting at, Elsbeth, but I have to say that if my (hypothetical) child punched anyone, pregnant or not, even as his mother I would have serious concerns about how that kind of unprovoked aggression might manifest itself when he grew up.

    Oops, edited because of dodgy grammar.

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  • what a horrible little kid! thats what the problem is in society these days, some kids just havent been taught the diffrence between right and wrong. yeah he might be four but he should know not to hit random people theres no excuse for it. my friends 4 year old isnt a model child but hed never lash out at anyone.
    glad lo is happy wriggling around xxx
  • Elsbeth, I think what's been said here has been very tongue in cheek. I for one did not mean my comment about him appearing on Crimewatchers in the future to be taken seriously - rather an off the cuff comment which comes from years of looking after my own and other people's kids!

    We understand he is a 4 year old who should still have known better at his age and it not being part of rough play etc would have me a little worried - I have a 4 year old who can be very boisterous but would not dream of running up to me or anyone else to punch them in the stomach! If it had happened to me I would certainly have something to say about it.

    Purplebabes, glad to hear you're feeling better and contemplating cake for breakfast means your lo must be healthy and hungry!!


  • I can see your point as well Elsbeth but I agree with Karen they were definitely tongue in cheek comments. It's true that lots of boisterous little brats grow up to be nice adults. Apparently on my oh first day at school he kicked the teacher! And he is a respectable member of society...well kind of! :lol:

  • Tongue in cheek or not, we wouldn't appreciate it being said about ours. I just found it slightly offensive and felt the need to say it.
  • i too wouldnt be impressed if my son punched anyone let alone an obviously pg lady! and i certainly wouldnt blame anyone for telling him off. but at 4 he does need to be explained about it all as they do get a little over excited about things easily! xx
  • LOL Tigerlily - on my first day at school I did a kind of cartwheel thing over the end of the table and ended up standing in the corner! Remember it well, as well as the tongue lashing I got when I got home!! I think I'm a respectable member of society now (just don't let me near those tables!)

  • At the risk of upsetting anybody I would just like to say that I think this bloody country has put too much onus on pandering to little monsters that behave in a way totally unacceptable.

    I work in a primary school. We have a pastoral support manager, an inclusion manager and a chair of governors that have all the power of a chocolate teapot.
    Too many times I have heard the excuse "my child had ADHD" "He has a bad homelife" "She's just going through a bad time at home"
    Well I'm sorry at some point these children need to learn that they can't behave how they want to and that there are actually rules in life that everyone has to follow. What will they do when they get out into the real world???
    " It's not my fault I beat you up, killed your relative, stole your car,etc....I had a bad childhood"
    Where will it all end other than total anarchy because the kids have a total lack of respect for anything or anyone.

    As I mentioned before I work in a school, I know how the system :lol: works :lol:
    Worked just fine when my son was kicked in the head for no reason (there were witnesses) and the delinquent brat that did it didn't get expelled (even though he has a catalogue of violent episodes)
    Good job it wasn't a few centimetres to the left or it may have killed him (A kick to the temple will do that)
    So yeah, I feel quite strongly that when a child does something that is not accetable behaviour it should be dealt with seriously and the parent should have been made to apologise too for total lack of responsible parenting.

    Again I apologise if this annoys anybody but it's something I feel strongly about (I'm not asking for a return to corporal punishment but a stop to all the excuses made for badly behaved children and rubbish parenting skills).

    Hope you are all well today.x
  • Hmm. My class have been really good with my bump but then they are usually really affectionate towards me - I'm the most 'normal' thing in most of their lives (I teach in a school that's in the top 5% for social deprivation in the country). They keep coming up and asking if the baby is kicking and what it feels like! They also keep checking that I am not going to eb leaving them yet. Bless.

    I hope you are ok now Purplebabes - I think I would have shouted if someone did it to me, I did give an 'ouch' in tescos the other day when this teen pushed his trolley straight at me - not intentionally though I turned down the ailse as he and his mates were shoving a random trolley up and down the freezer ailse. Think it shocked him this little pregnant lady answering him back! Soon said ''sorry mrs'' when my hubby appeared around the corner lol!

    Tarotwitch - I think your chair of govs is the same as mine. He's as much use as chocolate teapot too! Just got a new inclusion manager who seems to have something about her - about time to!!

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