happy nappy new year everyone , i have a feeling its going to be a good year for us all .........my resolution is not to have a resolution as i never stick to them !!!

do any of u have a resolution ?hope u all had fun last night , we went to a party but came home before 12 as i wanted the 3 (4) of us to be here at home together for midnight and it was .......um well we were all in bed ha ha .........


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  • Happy new year or maybe for us thats "NAPPY NEW YEAR" Hope all of your dreams come true for 2009.x.image
  • Happy new year! I haven't made any resolutions as I always break them! I just know it will be a fantastic year though xx

    Tara 23+1
  • yes clairemum2 your right its nappy new year lol ......i think our dreams are going to come true very soon ..........26 days till due date eeeekkkk !!so exiting xxxxxxx
  • Happy New Year everybody! image xx

  • happy new yr mrs L!!! i haven't made any resolutions, it's usually better not to cause like you i never stick too them!!! suppose i could try not to eat as much choccy cake as i do (that'll last all of half a day!!!)...pmsl!!!! happy new yr to all you ladies on be!!! xxx
  • NOOOOOOO mrs k dont stop eating choccy cake lo likes it ....pmsl...........hope u all had a good night did u keep josh,olls and moo up?we didnt keep jack up didnt see the point as he doesnt understand xmas let alone new year lol....however that means im shattered as jack got up at 7...grrr lol xxxxxxx
  • happy new year everyone!! xxx
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