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How accurate are sonographers?

Hi Im new to this forum and would like some opinions...
I went for my 20wk scan on Fri I asked to know the sex, as everyone has told me they would like me to have a girl!
I have a 5yr old son from a previous relationship and he is just great!! I obviously want baby to be happy and healthy but am kinda swaying towards a boy, probably rebelling as everyone is hoping for a girl!!

The scan wasnt very clear as baby was hiding and the sonographer even said baby is camera shy. (yet again we didnt get very good pics.)

She did the usual measurements and talked us through arms, legs, head etc.
Right at the end when i was wiping my belly dry she said 'oh and it looks like a boy'
No explanation, she hadnt said whilst scanning if she had seen anything, she certainly didnt show us anything just came out with it at the end.... it looks like a boy 80%. 80% I know they have to cover themselves but seriously!
Im so uncertain about the whole experience im so disappointed as still feel as if i dont know. My OH says if she says its a boy its a boy but i know its not that easy.
my cousin works on maternity and she said they got it wrong the other day!!
Anyway my point is my mum has said she will pay for a sexing scan for my birthday, appointment is net wk. Am i being totally mental wasting all that money?? I feel like i need to know for my sanity, this sounds awful but i dont think i could cope with everyone being so pleased it 'turned out' to be a girl. Why cant they be really happy it's a boy! well possibly 80%!!


  • I don't think you're being totally mental! If it will put your mind at rest go for the private scan. I'm not surprised you are disappointed - I'd have been very annoyed with her.
  • My partner came home and i explained mum has offered to pay he is happy i go for the scan if it's gonna make me feel better, although i think he would rather the money be spent else where! I did ask the sonographer right at the start of the scan to let us know the sex which is why I wondered why she didnt talk us through what she had seen, if anything!? She did just throw it in at the end, I almost did a double take of what she had said! The 80% part of it has just thrown me! Roll on next tuesday, im sure when they are paid private prices they are more helpfull! Hoping baby isnt so camera shy this time! Thanks everyone xx
  • I think you should defo have the private scan hun otherwise you'll spend the rest of your pregnancy driving yourself mad wondering whether the sonographer was right. I can't believe she just threw it in at the end, that's really bad. Good luck for Tuesday and I hope you get to see all the right bits!!!! xx
  • They can get it wrong, but she's covering her back by saying she's 80% sure - if you aksed at the beginning though, I would've thought she'd have shown you 'the area' while she was checking. I do think some sonographers just don't think the sex is important, as the scan is really to check for problems, but if they don't want to worry about the sex they shouldn't say either way!

    I don't think you're mad wanting a sexing scan (especially if someone else is paying lol), especially now you've been told a 'maybe' so there's doubt in your mind, I think you'd have found it easier if she'd said she couldn't tell!
    I wanted to find out this time, but one thing that persuaded me was that I know I need quite a few scans so I'd have chance to get a second and third opinion! At 20 weeks I asked if she could tell and she said yes, then went to show us and seemed unsure, but said 'it looks like it might be a girl' - I commented that I wouldn't throw out the blue clothes yet (we already have a boy) and she said that's for the best. At 22 weeks the consultant said she couldn't see anything to suggest it might be a boy! Then last week at 29 weeks the man doing the scan said 'yes, it has female genitalia' and showed us! So I can definitely understand your need to know for sure either way - it didn't matter to me (as I'm sure it doesn't to you) whether it's a boy or a girl, but once the suggestion had been made I just needed to know!
  • Hi
    Thats spot on, because the 'suggestion has been made' about a boy, it's driving me mad not having more to go on than 80%! Well the appointment is booked so hopefully this sonographer will confirm it. Im thinking the way to go, is not to mention we've been told it's possibly a boy and see what he comes up with!
    I will let you know!
    Thanks everyone xxx
  • I payed for a private scan too after the sonographer at my 20wk scan said "she couldnt be sure but she thinks its a girl"

    Turned out at our private scan that it is. Definately go for the scan if you want your mind put at rest. Im glad I did. Its got me used to the idea of having a girl after 3 boys!
  • Im thinking a private scan will be more indetail? The whole point is to hunt down the baby bits isnt it so im hoping for a more reasurring percentage! xx
  • I think private scans are longer and less rushed than NHS ones, and I would imagine that the screen you see baby on will be like some 50 inch HD TV! Cos it is a business they want you to be satisfied with your experience so that you will come again and also recommend them to your friends. Whereas the NHS kinda has a captive audience, if you see what I mean. Look forward to your update!
  • At my 20 week scan we asked to know the sex, and the sonographer said baby had legs tightly closed but couldnt see any obvious boy bits, and apologised at not being much help on the matter! I booked a private gender scan that night for the week after. The whole experience was amazing, lady talked us through it all, showed blood flow into heart etc and heard HB, she then sexed the baby for us, describing what she could see etc, and checked 3 times! 3 little lines of the girly bits image A hamburger she called it! Lol, She wriggled baby abit to make sure no boy bits were hiding! The screen was also HUGE and very clear, a great scan, we were in there for about 40 mins too and got loads of pictures! At the start of scan we had to sign a disclaimer to say we wouldnt sue if they got it incorrect but can only be 95% (or something like that!) accurate, Enjoy it hun image

    CG + Pink Bump xxxx

  • Hi i am having a scan done too as at my 20 weeks scan the lady said she was sure it was a girl but cos she was curled in a ball she didnt get a good look at her bits so she told me to buy pink and keep the labels on.

    its been driving me mad not having a defo answer so i finally got round to the OH and have booked a scan at 26 weeks to find out for sure as its a 60min scan and they tell you 100% the only clinic in the uk that does the guy said on the phone when i booked it

    my OH is convinced its a girl as he was sure he saw 3 lines when she was scanning me but i am finally going to put my mind at rest roll on 6th may lol
  • Hiya,

    I paid for a private gender scan with babybond and they were really good, They showed everything in detail even the toes and checked everything was ok and then showed us it was a boy, She handed my OH a sheet with a pic of a girl and a pic of a boy and asked him to guess and it was a boy. She even gave us a picture with an arrow saying boy lol. We got to keep about 6 photos and she gave our family that came 2 photos each. I thought it was definately worth the money x
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  • Hey ok so I had my private scan. OMG it was amazing totally recommend it. The guy was lovely and even tho it was just a normal 2d scan he actually sneaked us a few 4d images too. Ive got to pick up the cd tomorrow! and yes he found a dangly bit. He didnt give a percentage but the fact he said 'here is the scrotum and here is the penis! Thats good enough for me!! They look amazing in 4D!!
    Im totally thrilled! xxx
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