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I read in one of your posts that you break/school and compete youngsters, do you work with any breed specifically?

I'm an AI and used to break and school Arabs and then went on to teaching up until about 2 years ago. I've had horses all my life and used to work for Chris Ellis so was at Hickstead quite a lot, have you heard of the horse Two Skip Ramero he is one I used to ride.

Just fancies a bit of horsey talk really lol as I can't ride at the mo image



  • Hi, I mostly break young eventers and hunters. I bought several years ago a welsh section a and a traditional coloured. I need to break the section a for lo, and I cant wait to get back onto the coloured who was great this summer, he looked after me even so I didn't know I was preg. (Thought it was another cysts) and since I had managed to get him qual for HOYS there was no way I was going to miss out on that ride. We got 7th!
    This last summer (while preg) I've broken several Cleveland bays 3 and 4 year olds, and did a few your tb's.
    I don't like teaching, as I find it hard explaining how to do it.
  • All sounds very exciting image

    We are going to the sales at some point as I want to get my hands on a couple of new forest ponies, one for lo and the other for me to play with (probably show in hand depending on size), I bought three a little while ago for 9 pounds lol but they have gone up in price a little since then. I love training the dutch warm bloods but they often became a bit too much to handle as owners insist on giving them feed that gets them all het up and them putting the on box rest for their entire lives so its like a small explosion when you try and ride them even if you lunge before hand.

    I haven't riden for nearly a year now and its so depressing I used to have a great riders bum lol now I can almost tuck it into my socks.

  • www.esphotography.co.uk/events/2007/day37/index.php, that will bring up a pic of the coloured. I was 16 weeks preg on this photo. there are a few of him on that site.
    I love lucky to bits - he is very checky can get his back up if he is that way out.
    People dont understand that if you feed them you have to work them !
  • The page won't work image Which event was it?

    Rich people tend to buy horses and then have no clue what to do with them, they buy them for status for like 20 odd grand and then waste them it really annoys me image I wish I could afford a 20 grand horse I certainly wouldn't ruin it.

  • www.esphotography.co.uk rose thrope park vet aut show look under all championships and ring one and two. He had his back up, he was really checky that day.
    Alot of it is image with the rich ones, I laugh at most of them as Lucky only cost me 21 ginies!!!!!!!!! I bought him as a foal. At HOYS I turned down 8 and half grand for him.
    where do you live?
    I will have to go soon as I'm going to my sisters and she will be home from work soon, she lives in Leeds and I live in York
  • I live in Surrey, so all the rich toffs are around here I tend to laugh at them too I have never been a stuck up horse rider. Let me know how it goes with the ex being seen by the police and try and chill out with your sister image

  • will the new congestion charge's effect you? Do you know where on the M25 where some horsebox's cant go. I am lucky mine is an 03 plate. but I have friends that have older ones. It didnt give much in Horse and Hound the other day.
    Have a good night
  • Hey,

    The new congestion charge does not affect me at all.
    Luckily I work for the Highways Agency so I will speak to our M25 team and find out about the horse boxes for you image

    Have a good evening.

  • I wish I could afford a ??9 horse image
    I love working with horses but have never felt confident enough to have one of my own. I will be taking lo horse ridding when they are old enough might even manage to get hubby one a horse image
    I've only ever done one show when I was a teenager and my horse managed to break my nose image
  • Hi Lucie,

    Breaking your nose is always an interesting way to get into horse riding. I've had many broken parts over the years ranging from fingers to thigh bone but that is what makes it fun lol.

    My hubby is actually very keen to ride but I can't bear male horse riders lol especially when they are learning as they usually think they are something out of a cowboy film and make a complete arse of themselves (although always good for a laugh if you have a video camera)

  • LOL thankfully my hubby wouldn't be like that he's really quite scared of horses I think
    Thankfully the only other injury I've got when riding was my knee cap was popped out because the horse I was grooming at the time decided to kick out image
    Been riding since I was about 5 and got really good but loosed all my confidence when a car hit my horse and he bolted. Although I didn't fall off it scared the whats its out of me.
  • I love riding, I cant think what my life would be like without them in it. Lucky was an excellent buy, we only had him cut in feb last night, as he fail his CHAP grading, one testical hadnt dropped and the other was really small.
    I got him out of York aution markt, the week before xmas when he was a foal 7 years ago. I got Harry's pony from there as well. A section A she is from the Soldernella Stud at doncaster, the chap who owns it was having a clear out and took her by mistake. We call her trinni, she is a babe. Tipical horse person I got the pony 5 years ago Harry is due in March!
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