had scan!! *updated*

hi guys!! i had my 12 wk scan yesterday and all is well! im soooooooooooooo excited now have jsut been nervous up till now! god i cant believe its really happening!!

got consultant appt today at 2 dont quite know what he is going to tell me at 12 weeks but we shall see!!!

didnt know cud update a post lol so just replyed at the bottom!

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  • yey thats lovely news, bet you were thrilled to see baby!
    congratulations chicken!

    rachel 30 +1
  • hey jay im excited for you image let us knw whats said and have you told brooke?? my little nephew is great with David and hes 20months image
  • nice one i'm so pleased for you!! I remember you from ttc forum we are both from kettering!!? hope i got the right person! he he!!;\):\)
  • well had consultant today and he said i have to have normal scan at 20 wks then 24,32,36 weeks to keep an eye on the babies size so they can induce me early if need be!!

    so we shall see!! cant wait though!!

    carlyfee where in kettering are you from we should meet up would be nice to make some friends!! add me on msn [email protected] or email me!!!

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