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First mw appointment?

Hi ladies, Im 6+2 preg and went to my doc when i first found out he said go back to him when im 10-12 wks i spose he meant to book me in for scan etc. I asked whether i phone the mw and he said no he will sort it hen i go back. Is this how app worked out for you ladies?



  • hi care_bear

    congratulations on your pregnancy, is it your first?

    Different surgeries and NHS trust do things differently so it might just be that in your area your GP sets things up. Its normal for no one to do anything until at leat 10 weeks though so dont worry about that. In my (very limited!) experience you're not really midding anything if your doc does your booking app instead of the MW because mines absolutely useless!

    Sorry in thats not much help but didnt want to R &R

    Liz 19+4
  • Thanx hun yes this is my first so all new. Ive booked an early scan when im 8 weeks so that will help ease my nerves.What happens at a booking app? xx
  • at mine i had to give a urine sample then the mw went through mine and OH medical history ( dont worry if you dont remember thing i went totally blank but wrote down stuff i remembered after and got it added to my notes at another appointment) we were told about screening tests ( which we declined but thats a personal choice) and i was supposed to have blood taken but the MW couldnt get any so i had to go to hosp for that. I'm just gonna grab my green notes (the booklet they write everything on you keep this with you all the time and take it to appointments but you might have to wait til your 12 week scan for them to give it to you like i did) if there anything else i'll let you
  • Hey Hun,

    Congrats on your BFP image

    I had an early scan at 8 weeks too and was so glad I did. I saw the Dr at about 6 weeks and he told me to call reception and make an appointment with m/w for around 10 weeks so all areas are different.

    The m/w did height, weight, blood pressure, urine sample, asked a lot of family history, any history of downs, still birth, diabetes etc and OH's family history. Gave me loads of books, a DVD and I was lucky because she rang and booked my scan with the hospital too (a friend of mine who lives nearby is 3 weeks in front of me and her letter came about 2 weeks after her booking in app).

    I have got my 16week app on Weds and looking forward to this as hopefully will get to listen to bubs heartbeat image

    Hope that helps with what to expect and congrats again x
  • only other things i can remember is we were told about grants we were entitled to and maternity leave and stuff like that you should also get a form for presciption exemption that lasts for up to a year after baby is born, which i would make him sign there and then because mine conveniently went walkies and i still dont have the card. Also with the blood test dont worry if you dont hear anything, they usually only contact you if theres a problem (no one told me this and i was going spare for ages). We also discussed whether i wanted a hospital birth and whether i would be under consultant care or just MW

    it can all be a bit overwhelming because theres a lots of information thrown at you and descisions to make but you have plenty of time after to digest things and can just pop back to the surgery if you have any questions and none of the descisions you make about care are concrete but some of the tests need to be done quite early in preg so you need to decide whether to have them.

    Without out being too personal, if you have a partner its best to have them with you because i found my bf remember stuff the mw said a lot more clearly than i did afterwards. if not maybe take a family member or someone for support?

    Hope this helps!
    sorry if ive rambled image

    Liz x
  • Thanx alot Liz and Beth will not worry about the timing of my appointment. Will try and take hubby to appointments if poss. I feel like ive got a more rounded tum already prob jus bloating lol! xx
  • I looked about 25weeks pregnant the day before my BFP I was so bloated until about 10 weeks then at about 13 weeks I started to get a bit of bump and now I'm 15+2 with my first and I have got a proper pregnant belly image OH's mum couldn't get over it this afternoon and it's only been a week since she saw me last :lol: x
  • I will prob be the same lol. xx
  • Just an update went to see the nurse today as i think i may well have a water infection and told her i was pg she said well we need to refer you to a mw so ive filled in the form and mw will ring.She also confirmed with a test i was pg. Ive got abit of protien in my sample so she is sending it away. Feel happier now. x
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