Should I be worried???

Hi All,

I have a high blood pressure and am seeing doctor again on Thurs but have noticed over the last few days i have been feeling light headed and fanit quite often. Now this morning my feet look swollen and my wedding ring feels very tight when I put it on.

I think this is just normal part of pregnancy but just wanted some advice to put my mind at rest.

34 weeks today.



  • You shouldn't be worried but it's always important to pay attention to changes that are going on. I've had very swollen feet and calves in the last few weeks and at a recent midwife appt my blood pressure had gone up (it's not high but it's raised for my normal level). They are now monitoring me weekly to check for other signs of pre-eclampsia. Last week I had a trace of protein in my urine so again they are keeping a close eye on me. I've not been diagnosed because it may be nothing.

    Some of your symptoms could be signs of this but also they can just occur naturally without it being anything sinister. I would suggest phoning your midwife unless you are happy to wait to see your GP. If there is something wrong, they will take care of you. I felt my midwife has been very helpful and I feel perfectly safe because they are keeping a closer eye on me than they would normally. So I'm not worried about any of my symptoms. Except that I can barely get my shoes on because of my enormous clown feet!

    Sonia (almost 37 weeks)
  • Hey hun, don't stress out or worry, but high blood pressure and swelling of your hands and feet can be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

    Since you've been feeling faint aswell it might be an idea to give your midwife or hospital a ring just to be on the safe side.

    I'm sure everything will be fine but thats what i'd do personally, just to put my mind at restimage

    Helen 36+6
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