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Hi Mummies,
Im after some opinions. I currently live in a top floor 2bedroom cottage flat and i rent through a housing association at the moment im having a brand new kitchen, bathroom and toilet fitted and we've bin here just over a year and got the place pretty much to exactly how we want it. However there is a lady who lives not far from us who is looking to downsize and has offered us a swap (she lives in three bedroom house). I will be going to see the house on wed but by the sound of it, it will mean me and OH starting from stratch as apparently the house is in great need of decorating etc.

I know in the long run it will be perfect for us with having two children as it has off road parking, an enclosed back garden and obviously ample more space, but i really dont know if i can handle moving house and starting again this close to my due date. I know plenty of people do it and im just after some advise and experiences if any of u ladies have bin in a similar situation. Kerry xxx


  • As you said in the long run it will be better to live in a bigger place. We lived in a 2 bed apartment and it is just not suitable for growing kids. They need space and a garden! I wouldn't let DIY work put me off!! You can do it when you both feel ready. There might not be another opportunity like this coming along...but it's up to you in the end.

    We moved into a house and it's just sooooo much better than a flat. I mean if it was just me and oh, I wouldn't have bothered, but we did it for the kids.

    Have a look and then see how much work there is to be done/ When would this lady want to swap? Straight away or in a few weeks time?

  • hi thats sounds great, just what we have been looking for, lucky you! personally i would go for it. i havent had experience of moving during pregnancy but as long you have people to help you move it shouldnt be too much of a strain on you.
    we stay in a ground floor council flat and have been hoping someone would want to downsize so we could get our own door with garden.

    and as for starting from scratch with the decorating, i think it would be worth it to get the big house you want, i say go for it, oh its so exciting, wish it was me! x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • I say if you go see the house and see whats to be done and you like the house then go for it, if its liveable as it is you can do it as and when you like and moving isnt that bad if you get organised and have plenty of help lol
    vikki xx
  • Your all right and i seem to be the only one who is abit sceptical about it the rest of my family and OH think its a great opportunity. I dnt no weva its my nesting instincts that are putting me off i just feel like i shud be prepared for baby now not starting from stratch. The house wud prob b perfect for us tho and its likely that we will go ahead with the swap but the thought ov having so much to do is just making me cringe.

    I think if we veiw each others places this week then the actual move will be planned within the next couple of weeks, i wud defo want to move before baby arrives. i dnt think i cud handle moving house with a new born. Thanks for ur comments girls i no this is a great opportunity and im just bin irrational by considering not taking it. Kerry (34+5) xxxx
  • I don't think u've been irrational - just cautious because of ur bump! Anyway, I do think it's one of those opportunities that shouldn't be missed - we lived in a 2 bed council flat with 3 small kids. They wouldn't re-house us - said we were on the list but we'd be waiting for at least 5 yrs!!! Fortunately, not long after I fell with our 4th and I started to panic, we were offered an opportunity similar to urs and it was the best thing we've ever done!

    Best of Luck!!! xx
  • Do it!!!

    You can always do things bit by bit - make your bedroom and living room livable to start with and the rest will follow.

    I've just been through a major house extension and refurb whilst living in it (7 months the builders were here 6 days a week) but I can honestly say now it's virtually finished that it was worth it (it finished 2 weeks ago and I'm due a week Wednesday!)

    Hard work but so worth it in the long run - just think of all that space!

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