Hi Mummies,
This is not really pregnancy related, but im sooo excited im just going round spouting off to everyone. As many of u know im in currently in uni studying a HND in business management...well now iv finally reached the end. I had my final assessment yesterday and i cnt tell u the relieve i am right now, and im just looking foward to starting my maternity leave in 9days time!

I cnt believe iv completed my a-levels and a HND while been pregnant twice and looking after a toddler (i must be mad) but now iv done it im so so so proud of myself and glad that i just got on with it, lol. The only down side is my graduation day is 2nd July, which is my due date so i dnt know if im gona be there or not. Hope all mums and bumps are doing well and i pass on my happiness to anyone who is feeling a little down at the min. Kerry xxx


  • Congratulations !! It must be a big weight off your mind !!

    Really pleased for u !!

  • WOW i'm really impressed well done you! xx
  • Congratulations Kerry

  • congratulations! you must be busy all the time doing all of that, enjoy your time off xxx
  • Well done mate!

    You really should be proud of yourself and everyone around you be proud of you too! At least you will be able to chill a bit more and enjoy the last month or so!

    Love Lee
  • well done you congrats xx
  • congratulations, I'm impressed! You've done really well to not only be a wife and mother but find the time to do all that work PLUS be pregnant!
  • Well done Kerry!! i've jst finished uni as well and it's been tirin enough jst bein preg don't no how i'd have coped with a toddler as well!
  • Thanks girls for all ur lovely comments i still feel like im floating (very heavily, of course), now i dnt know wat im gona do with myself 4the next 6wks, suppose i better get my bag packed, lol. Kerry xxx

  • That's some achievement Kerry, well done chick xx
  • well done hun that really is impressive howd you cope with the tiredness + toddler + uni xxxxx
  • A Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge congratulations and well done to you hun, what a fantastic achievement.
    Medal on its way to you hun as you truly deserve it.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Well done Kerry thats one hell of an achivement!!! You should be very proud of yourself! Tammi xxx

  • hi kerry well done, i really admire people like you who can juggle all these things! thats an amazing achievement, you should feel really proud, now you can just relax and wait for wee baba x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Congratulations xx
  • Well done Lady!!
  • You are truly amazing... an inspiration. Well done

  • Oh yes it defo can be done, why shud we have to chose between an education/career and a family? I wanted both and i was determined to have both. Im not planning on having anymore children now so i can look 4ward to the rest of my life watching my children growing up and getting on with watever job i eventually choose.

    Thanks agen girls for all ur lovely comments as some people within my friends and family have made comments along the lines that i was been selfish having children and still wanting to get on in life rather than just been a stay at home mum. But i feel a bit more re-assured now that it is fine to do both. Kerry xxx

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  • Well done kerry you've worked hard for this enjoy your break before lo arrives.
    vikki xx
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