Anyone feel baby move when ur asleep?


With my previous pregnancy I felt the baby move all the time at night, kept me awake all the time. With this one I don't feel anything at night time. I am hoping that I am just turning into a heavy sleeper and I just don't wake up to it anymore. It worries me all night, and then I start having nightmares that the baby has died, it's awful. Does anyone else not feel much at night?

Kris 30+2


  • I wake up every morning and can't relax until I've felt Angus move!

    He's not waking me up yet, but everytime I wake in the night to change position or go to the loo etc. he does have a little move then. If I accidentally roll over onto my tummy, I do wake up and he's kicking me - not sure if I'm waking up 'cos he's kicking me, or just naturally!

    In the morning, if I want to feel him move, I do go on my stomach a bit - always works! hee hee!!!


  • Nope cant say i've felt Charlie Girl move in my sleep, usually its just as i'm falling asleep and changing positions or really early in the morning when I get up to take hubby to work.
    Joo - I would try the turning onto my tummy look but cant get there these days LOL - kind of look like i'm trying to balance on a space hopper or something !! HA HA
  • I suppose that's where my pooh size comes in handy - I have a bump, but really, its just an extension of my pooh tummy! So I can sleep on my tummy, ish, but do only do it by accident (if I roll over in my sleep)!!!

  • It's so good to know that I don't have to feel him during the night. I was getting anxious about it. Joo I certainly couldn't roll onto my tummy, wish I could sometimes. It is hard enough going from side to side I feel like an elephant, lol. I got one of those pillows that SB was recommending and it does help to stay in the one position. But I wake up in dreadful pain if I stay in the one position for too long. Guess that's where having to go to the toilet all the time is a hidden blessing. I reckon if I didn't have to go I would wake up and be stuck in that one spot, not being able to move anything. Thanks for your replies.

  • Kris, I am the same sort of, I get bad pins and needles in my arm if I sleep on my left-side for too long (as I sleep with my head on my arm). Plus I get bored being in the same position. Have been very comfy on my right side but very aware its not as good as sleeping on my left side. Also finding I roll over onto my back which is not good!!!

  • Rolling over is becoming a right mission !!!

    I always seem to roll over on to my back and then worry that I shouldnt be there ! I wish I could sleep on my tummy as that was my comfy spot before I got pg and I really miss it !
  • Ha, I find the right side better too, then I roll onto my back and everything begins to ache, so I then try the left and the so the cycle begins. Sigh, I do know that when I am on my right side baby goes crazy, I think he must find a nice comfy position and when I'm on the right it must squash him or something. I did play a game with him a while ago, hehe, I'd lie on my left, feel him get comfy then I'd roll onto my right, let him get comfy and roll again, hehe. Awful me. Can't do it now as it just takes too much effort to roll.
  • I find I feel nean kicking if I roll too far onto my front.

    This morning I was laying on my left side and could feel bean kicking so rolled to my right and the blloming thing just folloed and started kicking that side! Its like bean had slid over when I rolled!
  • Sometimes I feel baby moving in the night but 90% of the time I must sleep through any movement she makes at night!
  • yes my baby girl keeps me awake every night she is quiet all day she just gets hiccups mainly but at night wen i settle infront of the telly she starts kicking and twisting about i think im going to have fun with her wen shes born lol xxx
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