Thin womb lining

im just popping over here from da long term ttc forum. jus been for an internal scan today and told that my womb lining is too thin. just wondering if anyone on here has had that and succesfuly treated it?

luc xx


  • My sister in law has just been treated for endrometriosis (thin lining of the womb), as well as PCOS she had to have a minor op, and they used a laser to laser off cells and the lining which had clustered in the wrong area- since the op, her scans have been really positive and the lining was growing back even and thick so things are looking good for her, still early days though sho she's not fallen preggo yet. She's also been on a mixture of drugs, including Tomoxifen, but i'm not sure if thats to treat the PCOS or endrometriosis.

    Hope that helps a bit?!?

    Best of luck and stay positive xx
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