What do you Need for when...

your new baby comes home... I have no idea...!! Other than a cot or a moses basket - and the obvious things - but how do I find out..!!


  • I've been wonderin exactly the same! am prob just gonna try and get as much advice as i can from my sisters and my mum, and also i saw a book about the first year so my get that as well. Sorry it's not much help

  • At my hospital at around 20weeks u get a big thick book called the "Pregnancy Book" and it gives u all the info u will ever need to know from conception right through to taking your baby home. Go onto http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_074920 or just type in nhs pregnancy book into google and you can download different sections of the book. You will want chapter 13, 15 and 16, but I thought the entire book was really helpful if you dnt know what to expect. Oh, a cot and moses basket is a good start, ha ha ha Kerry xxx
  • Yeah kerry I have that book, I got it at my booking in appt. There are some things it doesn't mention though like bibs to mop up spills lol. Also if you go into Boots they do a brilliant book called 'Baby and You' - it's free and has loads of tick-off lists of things to get, plus all the advice for pregnancy, birth and the first year, I think its great! I rly have to get my act together cos I've hardly bought anything except the pushchair which I got yesterday and a few clothes x x x
  • I think you can also find a list in the back of the Mothercare catalogue. My baby is 9 weeks and we don't need most of the things I thought were essential!!
    As long as baby is clothed, fed and warm I am sure you can get by. For instance, although i fancied a posh changing unit I'm actually using a ??4 change mat in the cot which will do til baby goes into the cot in a few months.
    I realised that I didn't need to get everything before the baby was here about 4 weeks after he arrived!!!! Whilst I am glad we've got the cotbed I still don't really need it for ages as Barnaby is still in his moses basket.
    Don't bother with expensive outfits or sleepsuits because they will be out of them in 5 mins - let others spend their money on that if they wish. My boy lived in Tesco sleepsuits which washed lovely and were ??3.75 for 3..... I've chosen outfits for when they are bigger and not growing quite so fast!!
    Muslins are a must, take them everywhere and use them for many different things, mainly mopping up puke!!
    Also, last point, if you have got friends and family with babies, first of all try to buy, borrow or steal from them and before you decide to invest in a big purchase see what they have that you can try - eg my best mate bought her car over to make sure my Quinny would fit in her boot before she bought one, and another friend tried her baby in my swing chair to see if her little one liked it first (a friend spent a lot of money on one only for the baby to scream her head off when she was in it!!).
    Still.... it's lots of fun buying it isn't it!!
  • This is my third child and I have went a bit mad on the spending issue this time round!!! After my last (now 3 1/2) I decided I was having no more so gave everything to charity!!! I would say the main essentials are:

    moses basket
    blankets and sheets (approx 4 of each)
    baby bath (as well as sponge/toiletries etc)
    car seat
    change mat
    steriliser and bottles if bottle feeding
    muslin cloths- great for keeping you clean when burping baby
    newborn vests and babygros (about 6)
    cardigan or snowsuit for outside

  • i know what you mean we are on our third and my youngest is 8 lol got rid of every thing but now going mad shopping as couldnt do it with other two
  • Thank you all so much... Suddenly feel inspired to go shopping..!!
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