right well me and oh have just done it but for the past week or so ive been findin it hard to get 'wet' which annoys me lol so have to get lube out but to top it all off ive started to get a bump now and that puts oh off totally and im so bloody frustrated to say the least any 1 else have/had this prob?????? sorry if tmi image



  • i've had the problem of beign to dry. Easiest and none interuptive option is using naturally body fluids....quick and easy (tmi....saliva)
    Havent found bump in the way as havent got much of one! But apparently you shouldnt lie on your back when past the first trimester, try different positions out. At first I found some positions we both enjoyed slightly painful so have now changed and found others we really enjoy image
  • its not that its in the way its the idea of it that he doesnt like! well we enjoy it wen wer both on our knees he he (tmi) ive not thought of saliva lol
  • We had same problem too and solved it same wat as bumpety! Bump doesnt usually get in road but it was last night and OH was scared we'd squashed baby and after it tried to wake up baby to see if it was ok!!! He's such a worry wart! Told him to stop being silly!
  • lol..your oh made me laugh!
  • lol..your oh made me laugh!
  • iv lost my sex drive completley lol,so not got this problem. im hoping sex drive will return when babys born lol

  • well atleast am not alone lol!
  • oh my god nikki mine has shot up like a rocket id be happy doin it twice a day every day if oh could keep up lol image
  • i had a bleed the last time we had sex so for 6 weeks we have done nothing wont let him near me the midwife said to wait till after 12 weeks which will be saturday so see how i feel then lol x
  • i am now 31 weeks and my bump is soo big it gets in the way but that is my only problem, any position is difficult, but we keep trying lol
  • I have had the same problem getting wet, and I think it makes dh worry, thinking i'm not enjoying myself even though I am. Luckily he seems to find my bump sexy, I know that some men don't like it, whereas others do.

    Try both of you laying on you sides and him taking you from behind and holding one of your legs in the air, he then won't be able to see your bump and you get quite good penatration.

    Sorry if that was all way too much tmi

  • the prob i have is im now 28+2 and my bump is now getting big and when my oh lies on top of me my bump gets squished and my stomach hurts for ages after. so i guess we're gona need to try a diffrent possistion. hehehe oh the fun im gonna have starting tonight.
  • I have the 'dry' problem - well it's not so much that I'm dry, but I've closed up! Seriously. We have sex about twice a week but however much lube/saliva/foreplay, getting started always hurts like HELL. It's making me really dread the birth as a baby's head is obv bigger than my oh...!

    I read in my book it is due to blood vessels swelling up and making you 'tighter'. I guess after the baby that'll be a good thing but rite now it's irritating!

    My oh isn't really bothered about my bump. It doesn't put him off, but he's not really attracted by it either...He says it's 'nice' but not sexy. Fair enough I suppose!
    Philippa, 23+4 x x x
  • hi i must be quite lucky really, i dont have the dry problem but i am so horny all the time and oh is loving it!!he loves my new bigger boobs (normally an A cup and now a C-ish), and my bum has got much bigger which he strangely loves!! i worry about him one day getting put off cause of my bump, but he just says it is still me etc..altho if he even slightly touches my tummy during sex or just before, it puts me off straight away...i dont know why, its like it reminds me there is a baby there too and i dont feel very sexy all of a sudden..he just says it is still my tummy and part of me etc and obviously wants to touch it.

    i would absolutely hate to be in your position as i have very low self esteen at the moment and if my oh said that it would just kill idea may be to wear a slinky top to cover your bump but so it can still be pulled down a bit etc for access to boobs etc but so your bump is not so obvious to him..i do this as i am very concious about bump during sex, altho oh doesnt seem to bother, but it helped my confidence.

    please try not o take it to hart, i read in my mags that some guys can be put off, cause there is a baby in there, as wel as some women...perhaps you could do other things other than full sex tho to keep things spiced up. good luck x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I have found that my sex drive has gone up as well. I find in foreplay, that using his fingers hurts me a little. I'm always on top so never squashing bump and sometimes if you face the other way maybe certain men will forget that there is a huge bump on the other side. Maybe that helps. And doggy of course. I also bled in my first 12 weeks. but not since then and have been enjoying my sex life so much.and that time of the month never gets in the way!!!!woohoo
  • I go through phases. I want to have sex, but I am just too tired and I am only 8 weeks gone. I am suffering with being tired this pregnancy more than anything.

    We do have sex, and I am showing already so I have found the best way to manage it is the spooning position. comfortable, and still as exciting as before.
  • At 8 weeks you are bound to still be very tired. You must remember its the most important stage in your pregnancy and most difficult. It will subside. I thought I was going to loose my social life. But trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 20 weeks now and have started seeing people again and started having early dinners with friends. I feel alot more perky now. All I need for bump to o now is grow and kick and I will be a happy mummy to be!!
  • oh tashy thanks so much for saying that... i hit 8 weeks today and just feel like a big puddle of glum!!!

    just need to hang on then for another 7 weeks or so!!
  • I know it gets better girlies. I am a mum of 2 already. It has just been 10 years since I had a baby.
  • hi have the problem that my husband finds bump sexy and wont leave me alone but my sex drive has gone hes driving me mad and he seem to be geting worse the bigger i get
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