How often should the baby move?


Can anyone tell me how often I should be feeling the baby kick at 24 weeks?

Some days she is very active and some days very quiet! Just wondering what the norm is?

thks x


  • Thank you! She has just been so quiet today but I guess shes prb having a laid back day as we all like to on a Sunday! Your birth story was lovely reading - bought a tear to my eye! x

  • hi, my mw told me that from around 24 weeks we shld be feeling at least 10 movements thru out a day, obviously like all of us babies can have quiet lazy days, but if u feel no movement at all in 8 hours r baby isn't moving at all at a time of day when they wld normally be active or if u are at all worried then phone ur mw or labour unit even if its just to put ur mind at rest, u wont be wasting anybodies time as that is what they r there for.

    take care


  • grr double post. xx

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