whats morning sickness like as i think im getting it...

hi.. me again..

i didnt have one bit of morning sickness with my first pregnancy and as you know im waiting to test for the second in 7 days time...
im experiencing sickness that just comes megga quickly!.. then dissapears just as quick?..... is this what morning sickness is like..

im absolutely sure im pregnant.. but it COULD be a bug!!!.. ive been feeling sick on and off all day today (as well as the funny tase in mouth!)...

can anyone describe what its like to me?


  • Hiya, for the first 9 weeks i had really bad morning sickness which sometimes lasted all day! Each time i was sick it was really unexpected, id be fine one minute and running to the toilet the next. Ive just replied to your other post and id try not to get your hopes up in case it isnt, but it does sound like it could be! Test in the morning!! image xx


  • thanks again mikayla..
    i agree i shouldnt get hopes up.. but you know what its like.. im so desperate to know. i keep getting such strong pregnancy symptoms.. but wonder if im talking myself into it...

    i really appreciate your response xx
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