Lying on tummy??

Sorry for asking such a silly question... but I am just wondering if it is still OK for me to sleep on my tummy at night??

This is how I normally sleep, and although I am trying to fall asleep on my side, I wake up on my tummy.

I am 13+2 and have a very very small bump ( basically my pre pregnancy tummy that is gone a bit harder )

Will this harm the baby?? Bit worried - and was wondering if anybody had asked their mw or doctor the same??

Please help!

Sam xx


  • Have u tried sleeping with the end of the duvet (or a pillow) in between your legs? I sleep on my side and I've always done it, it's just comfortable (both me and oh do it so we must look odd in bed!) and never wake up on my belly or back. I think when u start getting a bump then u shouldn't really sleep on ur stomach, but it varies, if you don't feel uncomfortable then it should be fine but maybe its best sleeping on your side still so u get used to it
    Philippa 21+4 x x x
  • Btw what a lovely clear scan pic! Mine is the best of a bad bunch - even my midwife said 'oh dear he was very wriggly then'. Grrr!
  • Ahhh thanks Tiger Lily, it's very clear, I must admit, but I had a Nuchal Fold Sca ( cos I am an old bugger at 34 ) and I think they are clearer.

    I'll try the pillow thing tonight, and see what happens.... I'll let you know!!

  • I don't think they do the nuchal fold scan where I live which is annoying as I would have liked it and I think if there are abnormalities the earlier they find it the better. It's my own fault the scan isn't clear tho, I ate a load of celebrations before I went in and he was moving around like crazy. Ah well 4D scan in 5 weeks! x
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