Heart Dopplers - when do they really work from...


Heard about an 'Angelsounds' fetal heart doppler which is supposed to work from 12 weeks onwards but notice someone in the September forum didn't have much luck with this. Just wondered how early people had used fetal heart dopplers succesfully and whether they were worth it?

Cheers x


  • A trained midwife wouldnt try to get a heartbeat before 14 weeks and thats with good dopplers. The angelsounds are great but i think you should wait a while because if you dont get a heartbeat then you will only panic. x
  • I haven't got the angelsounds one, but I did buy something called Baby Beats which was ??10. I got the heartbeat at 13 weeks so it was worth it cos I was so worried...took ages to find though, and TERRIBLE sound quality. I would recommend you get one called the MAS BabyWatcher...someone I know has it and lent me it - she found her lo's hearbeat on it at 7 weeks!!! Although I didnt use it until 22 weeks I was impressed at the quality. I would definitely buy one but try not to panic if you don't find it. I was using mine once at 20 weeks, it took me an hour to find and I got really upset... xxx


  • I've got an old fashioned stethascope but all we can hear is my dinner digesting! The midwife always finds it really quickly with her sonicaid and it sounds really good and strong but I just can't pick it up with my old stethascope even though my Miriam Stoppard book indicated that hubby should be able to hear it with an loo roll tube!!!

    28 weeks today
  • I used mine from 14 weeks but could only get a heart beat first thing in the morning when my bladder was very full.
    I didn't get a heart beat first time so don't panic if you don't and enjoy it when you do image

    Lucie x
  • I've got an old doplar from a midwife friend but was told not to bother trying until 10 weeks and then not to worry if I couldn't find it until 12 wks.
  • Hi i have an angelsounds doppler. Im nearly 13 weeks and i can find the heartbeat quite clearly. Its quite low down and it sometimes takes a little while but its well worth it. Im not sure if things such as weight can effect it though.
  • i got the summers one from babies r us they do it on boots website too, comes with a belt. is says from 21-28 weeks. i tried it at 18 and heard nothing. i could hear the baby kick clear and my heartbeat but not babies so i'm thinking i was too early sound quality isn't great either!! i am slim so am guessing shouldnt be too long til i can hear but i'm not going to try now for a while. i had my 20 week scan so i know everything is fine and placenta is high in right place so will just wait a while!! xx
  • Hi i got the angelsounds doppler when i was 11 weeks and have always been able to find the heart beat really quick, it just depends on where your baby is lied though
  • hi, ive got the angel sounds one, im 19 weeks and i have only once found the lil wrigglers heartbeat. i can hear it moving around kicking things (me) though lol
  • Hi
    I have Angelsounds one and have been able to get heartbeat since I was 14 weeks. I have anterior placenta so have to go really low and press quite firmly. Getting easier as time goes by though!
  • Apart from EBay, where can I get the Angel Sounds monitor? Want it now lol.
  • I've seen them on Access Diagnostics and Amazon, though I think Amazon were out of stock.

    Thanks for all the comments - the MAS BabyWatcher sounded great Tigerlily but I could only find German stockists and the website was in German :lol: Any idea where to get them in the UK?

    Might try and leave it a few more weeks before I think about biting the bullet just to be safe - don't want to scare myself but not finding the heartbeat. Thanks for all the comments - these were really useful x
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