House is too efficient and storing heat in Summer

Anyone have this problem in Summer? I know it sounds strange thinking about the warm weather when its far from it at present however I am trying to prepare for the future.

My house is far too efficient in summer and is absolutely stupidly hot in the bedrooms!! It gets the sun all the time and normally we have the windows all open, the curtains closed all day and cant keep it cool.

Me and the husband have to sleep naked with no douvet or anything and we both moan abt how clammy / hot it is in the house! (sorry tmi)

Anyway, i thought about getting a fan for the ceiling but husband points out this isnt a good idea (as he got a tape measure and showed me how high 30cms from the ceiling is (and i dont want to risk my hair getting trapped).

So i thought abt a small aircon unit but this would probs dry the air and the baby.

so other than a little portable fan i am out of suggestions. what do you suggest? i cant be the only person with this issue!!

I am thinking the back room is a bit cooler but not much (which is going to be the babies room) so this is a suggestion to move our bed in there for the first 6 months. However i was after a long term solution to attempt to cool the house.


  • I don't know if it will be any good - but we have a dehumidifier / cooler in our bedroom which you add water / ice packs to. It blows out cold air but keeps the air moist. they aren't cheap though - ours was about ??100 3 years ago xx

    Tara 15+2
  • Thanks Tara. I'll look into it as I need a solution to cool the house. (Ironically it seems to so cold in winter).
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