Ohhh i feel so crappy! if you've seen my previous post its my due date today :\) which feels fantastic but crap at the same time!

my mums best friend DIL was due the 10th, but she gave birth yesterday! then my mums boyfriends neice is due tomorrow (9th) but guess what she's gone in to labour!

So my mum keeps ringing to ask me to hurry up! i know she is only joking but still does she think i want to go over due!!! :roll:

sorry for the moan my oh just doesn't understand!!!


  • aww hun dont worry u rant as much as u want i went ova due and i was well peed off i went 2 weeks ova and omg i was fumeing and to top the lot off my m8 wernt even due she was 37 weeks tiny bump running round and went into labour and there was me fat ove due and felt like crap so dont worry u r totally normal to rant and it dont help wen ppl keep saying ent u had that baby yet? its like duuurrr does it look like ive had the baby yet um no or do u think im like this 4 my health lol xxx
  • aww thanks tinkerbell... least i'm not the only one to feel like this.

    Thanks again
  • hehe ive just looked at my pic and it looks like poo is bumming eyore lol xx
  • eyore seems to like it tho

  • LOL.
    Tinkerbell everytime i see yuour pic i think that.
    But never wanted to say anything.

    Perhaps gem you should have a go at that tonight may get baby moving.LOL!

  • ohhh Aimz you rude thing!
  • Hi waterbaby i completely understand, i'm 4days over.....was due on the 4th. I went 5 days over with DD but a sweep on the 3rd day set me into labour with her, its soooo frustrating, i've had 2 sweeps and nothing!
    Sarah 40+4

    Ps. Lol at the pic =o
  • Hi, you may have seen a few of my posts when i went over and you do get a bit fed up with it all. I went 8 days over this time and had my baby girl on Friday 6th feb. Its easier said than done, BUT try to enjoy your last few days with your bump because your baby WILL be here soon and i promise you it will really be worth the wait. Take care and i know its annoying just waiting for your lo but I promise its worth it.image
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