Mega Itchy - but not OC, HELP!!

I have nasty stretch marks on my belly which are driving me crazy as they itch all the time! :x I saw the midwife on wed last week who did blood tests for bile levels which came back at 10, she said as long as it was below 14 I was fine and not to worry about OC, also don't have classic symptons of itchy hands & feet.

Problem is the itch is really starting to drive me round the twist, i have been using aquaeous (sp?) calamine cream on it as there are lots of little scabs which i keep taking the top off of and things like palmers & bio oil say not to use on broken skin but wonder if this is making things worse by drying out my skin. HAve also been wearing thin cotton gloves in bed so if i do scratch at night its a bit softer than my nails

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to put on the nasty stretch marks that might help?

Obi 35+6


  • not sure if i can help, but def no how you feel, my itchyness started around 36 weeks, when i was last preg, and sorry to say mine got worse and resulted in having to be induced at 38weeks, cause it was real bad, and i was bleeding and could wear any clothes. apparently i was having some sort of reaction to hormones in the baby and was on every cream and tablets available , the best was eurax lotion which i used early on that helped a bit its really cool and soothing and should be good on mild itching. Im now 3months preg and getting some itching on my streach marks so im using the lotion which really helps
  • Hi girls, unfortunately I can't give you any advice as i'm only 26 weeks with 1st pregnancy. I've got awful stretch marks already, about an inch wide and were bright purple and red when they first appeared. I'm so shocked as i'd been using Bio Oil and lately Palmers every day and sometimes twice a day.

    If you don't mind me asking, when did you notice yours getting so bad to where they were bleeding? I'm dreading them getting that bad as they are sore already.

    Did you have them pretty bad quite early on like me? xxxxx
  • my streach marks itched early but thats normal, it really started when i was 36wks , by 38wks they really bad and i was itching so bad that they itched, but im apparently one of the 2 per cent who has this problem , well actualy no one really new what it was as it is really rare , so i wouldnt worry , i think its normal for the streach marks to be itchy , get eurax lotion cause you can stick it in the fridge and then its nice and cool to apply

  • hey obi1, i have this problem and have to wear only 100% cotton or wear bump band as clothes irritate the hell out of me. when i scratch them, even gently, its like ive scratched an open wound. really hurts.

    i use a cream from boots, Eurax, i asked the pharmacist for something to soothe itching skin and even though it says otherwise on the tube its perfectly safe to use, mw confirmed this aswell.

    i also use palmers, bio oil and baby oil on my sore skin and i dont believe they really help. i think the best thing ive used is baby talc after a shower or bath. i noticed mine getting sore and bleeding (only spots) about 27 weeks and are just calming down now as i spend most my day in pjs or oversized cotton tshirts. just over 2 weeks to go so hoping itll stop soon! hope this rambling has helped!!
  • Thank you for your replies, will get down to Boots today and get some Eurax cream.

    My stretch marks started to appear at about 24wks and since 31wks have been progressively getting worse. I started with an AA route map and now have an A-Z of the south of England, am sure by DD i'll have a map of Great Britain on my stomach!! Bizarrely i haven't had any appear on my hips or bum (yet!) which is where i'm normally prone to them, unless the skin has stretched that much with yo-yo weight i'm just filling the old ones back out again!

    The bleeding started about 2wks ago now, at first i thought it was where my jeans had been rubbing but as i haven't worn them since and have lots of new spots it can't be, am now living in trackie bottoms and bump band. The itch is like the itch i get if i use biological washing powder but it's never ending!

  • OMG,glad it's not just me. Got some stretch marks at the bottom of my bump which have been getting bigger. I have been using bio oil/palmers etc since 6 weeks, now I'm 34 and the itching is driving me mad. I now sleep naked as clothes seem to irritate,also am bathing and showering to try and soothe. My mw was off last week so had my 34 week check up with gp and he just said 'keep moisturising!!' omg, I am so moisturised I have even started to reapply everytime I go for a wee at night. Will try and get some of that eurax cream,I am so desperate I am willing to try anything.
    Bex - 34+4
  • Hi Ladies,

    sorry you are having a bad time of it, I've not experienced this in my pregnancy (yet!) but I have suffered in the past with something similar as I am allergic to biological washing powder and from what you have described it is very similar.
    I've had a look in my pregnancy bible and it recommends to avoid hot showers or baths as this can contribute to your skin drying out. Also don't use soap, change to something for sensitive skin. Other than that have you tried E45 cream? That can be very good for dry skin, not sure if it is ok to use during pregnancy though.

    May also be a good idea to change your washing powder/ softener to something for sensitive skin as it may be contributing?

    Really hope it starts to ease up soon.

    Liz xx
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