i just can't find any boy names i like!

ahhhh i can't find any boys names i like the 2 i do like harry and George my hubby hates! we both like jack but jack jackson doesn't go i don't think. we also like thomas but thats my brothers name an i wanted something different!. eeeek is so annoying i have tried looking through books and on the nest but can't find anything! we have our girls name which we both now love that will be millie now yey. but just cos i don't like any boys names i bet it will be a boy!! we find out in 3 weeks!! xxx


  • We have chosen Owen Thomas for a boy but i also like Harrison and Oliver. Dont know if they help
  • Hi ones we like are Harley, Alfie and Kyson!
    Tammi 25+2
  • hey mkt86 i also like harrison and oliver!! how strange! i said them last night but my oh wasn't sure again!! i told my mum about harrison on msn and she said isn't that an american name??! does that really matter!!! could be harry for short! i do like that! i will put that to my oh again! and try oliver as i haven't mentioned that one to him!! hehe will see what he says! xxx
  • My boys are Charlie Isaac and Alfie Benjamin. If Gracie had been a boy she would've been Harry Thomas. We also liked Archie Jacob....Happy choosing!
  • i like alfie but oh doesn't see what a pain he is!!!!!!!!
  • I posted about boys names recently and got a huge response - you are not alone in struggling with this!

    We found out we are having a boy and we'd decided on Harry but then it just felt wrong. Also, I wanted to use my dad's name as a middle name but Harry Peter is too close to Harry Potter so we ditched it! I think we have now settled on Daniel William (William is my grandfather's name which also didn't go with Harry because of the royal thing!) or Daniel Peter. We are fairly sure the name could change again but I really like Daniel so I hope it stays.

    We would have found life much easier if we were having a girl (in terms of finding a name anyway!). We both loved Megan but we've not had that same reaction to any of the boys names we've come up with. I was hoping for something we'd both immediately love but I'm now happy to settle with a good strong name that isn't connected to anything rude!

    And I agree that Jack is a great name but probably not with Jackson as a last name!
  • I'm the same, I have my girls name Isobel Grace, but struggling on the boys names.
    I have one son who is Jay Thomas William, I really like Ellis Joshua, but hubby isnt sure about Ellis grrrrr. nightmare! lol
  • hey girlies, we've decided on delilah if its a girl (although my stepmum thinks its deliah. no.) and alfie if its a boy. i want alfie daniel as my oh's name is dan but he doesnt like it image i love oscar aswell but he says its a dogs name. seriously. blokes are such hard work!! also love jack and dyllan. my uncle just had a little one and named him rufus image so cute. anyway hope i've inspired you!! take care xxxx
  • i was going to suggest jack but i see why you wouldn't go for it! alfie is my second choice and jack's best mate is called Dylan. how about adair or lachlan? just thinking of friends babies names
  • hiya - I haven't definately decided yet - we are having a boy.
    But we like either Alexander James or Lewis James, our 2nd name is Mackay.
    still keeping my options open tho
  • hi i have 3 boys there names are harrison howard ,aidan alexander,jake andrew durant this one was going to be owen anthony but its a girl and struggling to find a name me and oh agree on.
  • i love oscar but i have an african grey called it! and he constantly shouts his name so baby would think he was shouting it all the time!! thanks for all the name ideas! i will put them to my oh!! xxx
  • i cnt choose between Riley and jackson?
  • my oh hates oliver! so thats out! he doesn't like harrison either so i'm stuck still! i'm going to let him find a name seeing as he hates all mine!
  • Hya i like the names riley or kien havent got a clue what name if i have another girl lol

  • katyellie
    wt is ut last name coz riley kian is a lovely first n middle name dependent wt goes wiv ur last
  • Havent decided on middle names yet leaving that 2 oh just between riley or kian as 1st names carnt decide which 1. Last name acton x
  • hi

    i like Lennox, Fergus & Taylor - dont think there are many Lennox's about.
  • Hi were having a girl and have more or less decided on Teigan Sophie Louise Bradley a mouthful i no but we really wanted to put my name in there and it sounded strange being sophie bradley as i am, i have a daughter already called Ashleigh Jade Ann Bradley and if i had a boy either time it was going to be called Alfie Jake Paul didnt have to do much thinking i like Jake, Jack, Warren, Connor, Ashley and Mckenzie if thats any help Sophie 31+6

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