any of you pregnant ladies had this?

hi girls. my af is usualy every 2 weeks after having my lo just over 6 months ago, i have recently stopped breastfeeding.
and my af hasnt cum this week but i got a BFN!! image so dont know whats up?
ive had af pains since mon and was due on tues/wed so could i be preg but its 2 early to tell or what? im so confused, why cant out bodies be straight forward!?

thanks x


  • Hi Hayley, not had this prob as this is my first pregnancy but my sil had her lo last December and her periods still have returned to normal. Think it can take a while for your body to readjust to all the hormones or lack of them since being pregnant. If you are worried though make an appointment with your GP. Tammi xxx
    31 weeks
  • Hi, I had my lo 4 mth ago, gave up bf 2 mth ago and I still haven't had af. It can take a while to return or become regular, my 1st lo was 5mth old b4 they returned, 2nd lo was 9 week! Hubby is slightly beginning to panic as dd is supposed to be our last! I've had pains and slight spotting but that's it!
    I wouldn't worry yet....x

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