BFP but AF symptons ??

I got my bfp on friday but at the moment it feels like i'm gonna start my period any moment. Sorry if tmi but it feels like when i next go the loo the'll be blood on the tissue?

There's also some cm which i sometimes got before an af. Also got belly aches and pains.

Is this normal ?


  • yes this is normal i had all the pains and cramps and even used sanitry towels just in case right up til i was 12 wks they eased after 12 weeks but i felt the same dreading seeing blood . but its normal just your uterus getting ready for its new job x x x
  • It is such a relief to hear that it's normal. I too have been holding my breath waiting for the blood. I do keep telling myself it's normal, I don't remember having these sorts of pains with my first child but I guess it was a long time ago so I've probably just forgotten all about it!

    Jules I got my BFP on Friday as well! What date are you due?
  • the day before my af was due I was so convinced it was going to start I went to the pub, had a couple of glasses of wine and smoked some cigarettes. Because I'd had a couple of mc's earlier in the year i was being very strict about not drinking/smoking when i started ttc again just in case. But my symptoms were exactly the same as my usual af symptoms (suffice to say I haven't had a cigarette since!!!!)

    I'm sure everything will be fine! Good luck.
  • Hi Rebbeca. My due date is 24th July. Seems so far away at the moment. Will be pleased when the next 12 weeks have passed as i'm desperate to tell everyone.
  • I have had this twice now (am 9 wks). The whole sore boob and belly ache for a week. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I should know better but i still felt like you - am gonna come on and it hadnt really happened. Good luck, take care of yourself and enjoy yourself on this forum. Some great people with great advice x
  • It's so nice to know that so many people feel the same. You're definately right about great people being on here. My mind has been set at ease so many times.
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