FR or cheapies?!

im afraid that i am a gatecrasher from TTC image

i was wondering if you ladies had any advice for me. I currently use cheap internet pregnancy tests - 10mIU. I am 12 DPO and they are showing BFN, but wondered if anybody had had the same thing but got a BFP when using FR? I am thinking of buying a FR for tomorrow if no AF by then image

thanks xxxx


  • Hiya Hun
    I used oth when i got my BFP,well i used clearblue non digi first and hat showed positive cd 22,FR cd 23 and i didnt get a line on internet cheapies till cd 25,i'm not sure when i ovuated as that was the only month i did use OPK's.
    Hope this helps
    xx xx
  • Ebay cheapies told me BFN from 10dpo and finally at 14dpo I used FR and got my BFP.

    I hate Ebay cheapies!

  • i used ebay cheapies when i got pregnant but they always gave me a bfn, i tried a FR on the same day and it showed up straight away. good luck xx
  • i didnt use the cheapies but FR, asda & superdrug showed faint line at 9 dpo with afternoon wee.
    i did however use ebay ovulation tests and they were showing positive results from 8 dpo.
  • thanks for your replies, i am going to leave work early today and rush down to superdrug!
    i hope its not too much longer until i am no longer a gatecrasher image
  • I always only used FR and CB, but got a BFP on both 10 dpo!

    Good luck Lisa!
  • I used 10miu Ebay cheapies, FR and CBD. All showed up my BFP at 8/9DPO but the cheapy was very faint at first, like, I'm sure there is something there- is there something there?

    It seems some people have better luck with them than others TBH- I have heard alot of the girls don't rate them although I do. They work the same after all, they just don't have a plastic casing!

    That said, if you aren't trusting your cheapies go for a FR. They are really good I found and you will probably trust the result more

    21+1 xx
  • I got a BFP with both First Response and 2 Poundland cheapies. The only difference I think is that the more expensive ones are more sensitive
  • hi i had the ultra early ones off ebay and i got my + 4 days early. faint but def there. id def buy them again.
  • I liked Superdrugs own make.....did the trick with me!

    I actually received a BFN on FR ha!


    K 18+5
  • I used ultra early cheapies from Access Diagnostic and they gave me a faint line about 6 days before AF was due. I didn't crack open the expensive tests until the day before AF. I would definitely use the cheaper ones again.
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