Contractions-what do they feel like?

I was just wondering, what do contractions actually feel like? Over the past week Ive been suffering from pains in my stomache, the pains tend to be to the side and my stomache at times has felt like its.....well its a hard sensation to explain-sort of like pulling in.
I know its not actually contractions-as the pains arent really that painful...more uncomfortable if anything. I was just wondering if they could possibly be braxton hicks-or the begins of anyway....but then I would have thought I was too early for them too.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • These sound like they could be braxton hicks to me its not too early to get them as they can actually start from 8 wks, only not everyone feels them this early. I felt them from 8 wks with my 3rd, 4th and 5th babies. xx
  • Yeah they sound like Braxton-Hicks to me, they can be pretty painful at times.

    The only way I can describe to real contractions is a very sore period pain, that comes and goes.

    Hope this helps
  • I'm only on 28 weeks and I'm pretty sure I've had some BHs already. They didn't actually hurt but my stomach contracted and felt really hard to touch and then jst relaxed again after a few seconds. So, yeah, what you describe could definitely be BH.
  • I experienced contractions like period pains. They started as a dull ache and got stronger and stronger.
    I never had BH but from friend's descriptions they sound like the type of thing you're having.
  • if you started getting true contractions - you'd soon know about it !!!! They are like really strong period cramps that get worse and worse. That's when you know you're in labour when you just can't stand the pain any longer. I'm a really softie when it comes to pain. I'm getting an epidural as soon as I can't take the pain. I found that pethedine and diamorphine made me too dizzy and dowsy last time and spoilt the experience as when Evie was born - i couldn't care less about what just happened because i was so out of it.

  • Yummy_mummy is so right, if they were real contractions you would know because they start getting worse until you can't take it and need pain relief. I had gas and air when I was still on the ward and only 3cm as it was the only thing that shut me up. They just feel like a period cramp (but 100 times worse) that starts off mild but quickly becomes agony and your stomach goes very tight and it feels like everything is constricting! And then it starts easing off and you can breathe for all of 3 minutes! I honestly have no idea how anyone does it without an epidural.
  • Oh dear? I've never suffered from period pains, so have no idea what to expect? I've already ruled out having an epiduaral, i just couldnt face having that done, but im gettin really worried i wont be able to handle the pain without one! Anyone tried using a birthing pool? It sounds a good idea to keep me calm, but not sure how effective it is for pain relief?
  • I've had Braxton hicks since about 20 weeks.

    It's true, when they start you will know,even if you've never had any pain before or if you suffer with pain,you just know when it's the real thing.

    With DS they started really mildly but I knew that was the start of the real thing.

    I don't think anyone could success fully describe them as they tend to be different each time, with DD (my first) Iwas jolted awake with the first one but then they slowed and continued for the next 24 hours, they were bearable,i went to a MW appointment,then to town, finished wrapping christmas presents, prepared christmas dinner and finally gave in about 9pm on christmas night (strange, they did get worse when the washing up needed doing LOL) and then had her on the 27th, seems like a long time but they really weren't that bad, if the labour had been shorter it would have been perfect LOL
  • Thanks, thats helped curb my curiousity a bit lol

    Izzy-Ive heard birthing pools are extremely effective. A lady I know had one and started screaming to get out when she had an accident in there and noone scooped it out-but as soon as she stood up she says the pain just hit her so she was screaming to be let back in.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

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