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Post pregnancy girdles???

Ok - it's probably the last thing on everyones mind but I keep getting nerous about what shape my body will be in after the birth... if you are not worried, you are lucky image

Has anyone tried these post pregnancy girdles that are available? Are they any good??



  • my oh's nan has told me to get support belty thing to help support the bump and help my back although being slightly larger than you ladies i dunno if it will fit. the girdle may not be necessary for the slimmer ones out there but. I have to say i've never heard of them or heard of anyone ever using one. i take it they're a support belt for after birth?
  • yes - i just wish i could find a bit more information on the healt benefits/side effects - it all seems very interesting... it seems they are all the rage in the US... I think my doctor would have a fit if I asked her opinion on the matter!!

    If anyone wants to have a peek at the product, I've managed to find something on ebay that looks pretty nifty:

    The things Gwyneth Paltrow raved about were called Spanx and I think you can get them on figleaves etc.

    I guess what I'm concerned about is whether it is actually any good for your body to put compression on your tummy whilst it's healing...

    I am due 16th Dec - I wonder, will I actually care what I look like over the Xmas period?!??! Maybe I'll sit in trackie bottoms and veg in front of the TV for most of the time anyway....

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