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Silly question - Is it safe to wear underwired bra's im sure ive seen soemthing written about them but dont think I read ir, Im 32+3 weeks pregnant and the baby quite comfortably sits himself under my ribs under my breats near enough so in effect the bra wire could be sat on the baby, it sounds riddiculous and do hope its just a rumour as I realy would not get on with a non wired bra as I am quite large up top !! Surely the baby is well protected in there ???


  • My understanding of it is that the wire can hurt your breasts and milk ducts rather than the baby. I was very anti giving up my underwired bras but I have to say that I was so glad when I did - my mat bras are much more comfortable and when I put an underwired on one the other day I had to take it off after a few hours as it was hurting so much.
  • The advice about wired bras is that if the wires dig/don't sit right in they can damage your milk ducts, don't think there's an issue of them hurting baby.

    I'm 21 weeks and have gone on to non wired now at I don intend to bf and don't want to risk it, plus they are more comfortable. I'm currently a 36FF (was 34FF before) but to be honest it's more sports bras that I wear as a lot of the maternity ones are horrid.
  • I went to Bravissimo when I was about 28 weeks to get re-measured and I got a wired bra - as long as the wired bra is fitted properly and comfortable it isn't a problem.

    BUT as you get further it may get v uncomfortable. I am a size 36g and the thought of wearing non-wired HORRIFIED me as I thought it'd make my boobs look like granny boobs! Haha!! I fully intended to wear wired all the way through but had to give in!

    Instead of a normal soft cup I used my Figleaves sports bra (recommended!) Not cheap but even more supportive than a wired bra and way more comfortable if you're pg xx
  • perfectly safe as long as ur getting measured regularly to ensure they fit u properly, the wire shoudl not be touching/rubbing/pinching any of ur breast tissue. with ds i wore underwires right up until i was about 37weeks when i switched to nursing bras that i had bought in ready, i then bf him until he was 7 months. this time hwowever, after having got used to non wires i'm in maternity and nursing bras now, plus my boobs are bigger this time, currently a 40G and they haven't grown at all yet. so yes, u can wear wires as long as u make sure they fit properly, are cpmfy and get re measured avery 6-8weeks or as soon as they start to get a bit uncomfy. hth xx 25+1
  • I'm a 40F and switched to non-wired at about 8 weeks as it can effect milk ducts. As my mum had trouble making milk trying to do anything I can to try and make sure it's not hereditary. My boobs do look a bit flatter though
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