Lazy babies!

My baby seems to have slowed down a lot since 24 & yesterday he was active but for the past couple of weeks all I've been feeling is little pushes & flutters.

He has never been very active and I kind of wish I felt more, as I feel like I'm missing out! Not to mention that I'm worried. I told my midwife about it but she didn't seem concerned as the placenta is anterior & so is baby. I saw my GP this week about something unrelated and she didnt seem worried either she said you know what's normal for you when I told her he'd never been that active.

A lot of people have said that movement feels strong or painful at this stage (30 weeks on Monday) but it doesn't to me at all. Right now I can feel his feet are moving about, it's a really weird sensation almost like they are 'gliding' inside me or 'pushing' against me.

I guess I just want some reassurance that I'm not alone and someone else has a 'lazy' baby. xxx


  • my baby is so lazy,he dusnt move alot, some days it takes me 1 1/2hours to get my 10 kicks lol, my midwife says he is lazy,
    i think baby girls are more active as my sister has had 2 girls and they were very active and she had a boy who hardley moved,
    my mother in law says her girl was more active then her boy, and my daughter never stoped moving and this one is lazy lol

  • i've got a little boy & he's as active as anything! think he's beginning to run out of room to turn n tumble about like he was doing about 4 weeks ago but it doesn't stop him kicking me in the ribs on an at least 4 times daily basis!!!

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