When does midwife find heartbeat?

I have my first midwife appointment at the end of next week when I'll be 9+3 ( I hope....). Will my midwife attempt to find a heartbeat then, or is it too early?

What are your experiences? Do you get to listen to the heatbeat every time you see your midwife?


  • Don't ask her to find the heartbeat this early. I had my first appointment at 10+3 and I asked her...needless to say she didn't find it and it sent me into a right panic! Most midwives won't try to find it until at least 12-14 weeks xxx


  • think its usually bout 16 weeks hun,thats wot i was when my mw first tried xx
  • Its to early yet hun, mine didnt start checking till I was 15 weeks but it depends they are all different, but think you will be bit to early.
    Im 33 weeks now and everytime from 15 weeks they have been checking heartbeat and will start to write it in your notes.

  • Ah ok. I thought that was too early but my colleague told me it wouldn't be - she was probably just getting confused with how far along she was when she heard hers. Thanks xx
  • Hiya

    My midwife tried to find it at my 15 week appt but really struggled. It was only after about 5 scary minutes of hearing my own heartbeat that we finally had a moment of LO's heartbeat. I would say don't ask for it too early cos I got really worried about not hearing it, all over nothing in the end!

    Corinna x
  • i listened to it at 16 weeks. not before. i think after ur 16 week app u hear it at every app- i think! x
  • Grrrr.... how come you all saw your midwife so early?? I had to battle to get an appointment with mine - and I still haven't seen her at 14 + 3!! Have finally spoken to her, after shouting at the doctors receptionist, and she's 'sending me an appointment letter' which I still have yet to receive (she apparantly sent it on Thursday). Doesn't inspire confidence does it really?

    On the plus side maybe I'll get to hear my bub's heartbeat at that appointment!! That's exciting image
  • have u had ur 12 weeks scan yet?? thats really bad i'm glad u shouted at them lol. i didn't see my midwife til 10 weeks. i couldn't see her at 16 weeks as they were all booked up at my docs like 3 weeks in advance! so i had to go to a drop in centre near my home to see the midwifes who did my downs blood tests that i wanted doing. so to make sure i got my 22 week app i booked it a month in advance!! so i've got that next week! i'm not very impressed with my local mw's!! although have to say at the hosp where i'm giving brith they have been great there with scans and mw apps. xx
  • My midwife tried at my booking when I was almost 13 weeks and couldn't find it but when I went for my scan at 16 weeks they were able to hear it. Don't worry if you don't hear it as it is perfectly normal not too. If you are worried tell them you don't want to hear and wait until your first scan.
  • That's the weird thing, I got my scan appointment by the time I was 8 weeks, and had it 2 weeks ago (one of the most amazing and bizarre experiences I've ever had!!)

    They did have my doctors name and surgery address wrong on the info at the hospital when I went for the scan though, which may have something to do with it perhaps. Hopefully I'll get a letter in the morning though. Fingers crossed!!
  • i first heard it at 16 weeks and then every app since

    elaine xx


  • I had midwife apt last week at 16+5 and midwife couldn't find the heartbeat. Despite being told not to worry that's all I did for the next few days. But was at Dr's yesterday for a check up on urine infection and he foudn heartbeat within a minute, now 17+4. Obvsiously rubbish midwife or baby just didn't like her. (I found her quite entertaining, she fell off her chair while taking my blood pressure !)
    Anyway, don't worry if you don't hear it straight away, everyone is different. S x
  • lol suz she sounds brilliant! Midwife found my baby's heartbeat at 11+4.
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