A question for you ladies..

Ive just popped over form the Trying for a baby forum to ask a question...hope you dont mind.

Did anyone get pregnant and have no symptoms what so ever? im on cd47 of a possible 50 day cycle, i ovulated on the 4th so af should be due around 17th. i have quite a bit of sticky cm and feel quite 'wet' sometime (sorry tmi!)

just thought i would ask xxx


  • Hi new look - I wouldn't say I had many symptoms. I just 'had a good feeling'.

    My symptoms were CM - I normally dry up after ovulation (sorry!)
    A few cramps and things - never get them until AF.

    Good luck, everything is crossed for you!

  • thanks Joo. bit of a shot in the dark i know but thought worth asking the question. im a lttle bloated but then that could be bcoz af due next week.

    Thank yo for your reply.x
  • hi don't know how much help this is, but i only knew i was pregnant because AF was a week late. i did have sore boobs and was getting period style cramps but then i used to get that every month when AF was due so put it down to that.




  • i never had any symptoms with my second or this little one.
    with this little one i was 11+ weeks when i found out as i had a coil fitted and it ment i only got a period oncer every 90+ days. i only found out i was pregnant because i had an old test from my last pregnancy lying around and decided to take it just to put my mind at rest that it was the coil messing with my cycle again, but turns out it wasnt.
    my whole pregnancy they only symptoms i have had is getting a big belly, and heartburn.
  • jodiebuckley - a suprise for you then!! ahh well i shall wait and see, like i say really dont think i am but thought was worth asking the question image

  • I had no idea, not even a "feeling". I only tested because I had hundreds of the things.

    I kept expecting the morning sickness to kick in as the weeks went on but other than the occasional funny feeling in the supermarket and a slightly dicky tummy for a week or so - which in retrospect could have been anything - I've remained symptomless (apart from bump!)

    So fingers crossed, it's perfectly possible you are!

  • With my first I got morning sickness starting 2 days before AF was due... This time nothing as yet. I am 5 weeks pg now and felt rough this morning but not been sick and it went away. fingers crossed i think it was cause i hadnt had dinner last night so was starved lol
    I even had it confirmed in the hospital that I wasn't pg!!! To cut a long story short I was admitted to hosp (unrelated and mysterious illness) and they took bloods, they tested for pregnancy as I had severe abdominal pain and it came back negative. When I was discharged 3 days later AF didn't arrive (was due that day) and I did a test the following evening and low and behold BFP!!! I don't know what kind of retarded pg test they did at the hospital, i thought blood was meant to be more accurate but they obviously not lol.
    I knew i was pg though, thats why i tested. I could feel it and sense it, I even kept waking up with my hand 'protecting' and holding my tummy, which i used to wake up doing in my first pg. strange.
    Good luck and i will hopefully be chatting to you in the 'my baby is due in june 09' forum!!!
    Hannah xxx
  • Thank you for all your replies ladies, it means alot to know that everyone is so nice on here. I dont an ebay cheapy this morning just bcoz i have LOADS of them and as expected it was a BFN, I am 7dpo so i think it would show by now.

    thanks ladies....i shall hang about and wait for af xx
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