advice please ladies

hi ladies my lo is 4 weeks old today and ive got a question how long after having baby did any of you resume the sex? im quite scared of the first time so to speak as i had a tear no stitches and my hubby is well.......... lets say big!!! also i was told by midwife i cant go on the pill till after 6 week check up so how close after birth could you get pregnant if no period returned? thanks ladies x


  • Well, if you are worried about getting pregnant why do u not use condoms?

    Don't do anything till you are pain free and feel comfortable,
    I had stitches with both mine and I waited 5 weeks
  • i had sex again as soon as the bleeding stopped!!
    I have quite a high sex drive (hence 3 babies under 3) but will be gettin a coil fitted after this 1.

    It may be a little sore if uv had stitches but if u worry u'll tense up which will make it even more uncomfortable!

    Ask OH to be gentle and use plenty of lube!!

    Good luck!!

  • about 3 weeks but only cos i felt fine and wasnt sore anymore. you have to be extremely gentle for a while after to build up your confidence again cos you can be scared it might be painful or sore. take it slowly xxxx
  • Also, u are EXTREMELY fertile after birth so proceed with caution - advice from one whose 1st 2 are only 10 months apart!!!!!!

  • i waited till after my 6 week check with both of them, i got the pill then and waited untill i was defo covered by the pill, even then we used condoms just for another few weeks just to make extra sure evrything was safe ha ha but even then i was so scared it was gonna hurt, espeshally with my second coz i had stitches actually inside me not just out like my first. but i think we waited long enough and i was fine. it wasnt really something we worried about, we were too wrapped up in our new baby to worry about rushing to have sex again!

  • it was about 4 weeks for us after our son. I think its entirely up to you, just take it really slow and and try and relax as much as you can.

    Good luck hun, hope you enjoy yourself lol xx
  • we tried after about 4 weeks after having my daughter but like you i'd had stitches and found it very sore so we decided to wait till after the 6 week check.I found that lubricant was a lifesaver i'd highly reccommend you buy some it really does make a difference when you are first getting back into the swing of it!!good luck hun xx
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