Doppler or Angel Sound - advice please!

Ive seen on here before some people like the Angel Sound better than the Dopplers - which should I get?

Apparently with a Doppler you can hear babies heartbeat from as early as 10 weeks!

Any ideas?

Georgie 10+5



  • I would like to know this as well, I was going to get a doppler just heard more about it. How can you tell the differance between your own heart beating and the babies?

    K xx
  • Apparently the babies is like a galloping horse - ahh!
  • Oh really lol

    I have a very very fasy heart beat though knowing me I wont no how to tell them apart

    K xx
  • Do you mean the difference between the Summer Sounds and the Angel Sounds? I had heard mixed reviews about the Summer Sounds so opted for an Angel one. It came when I was 13+5 and we (well hubby!) found the heartbeat fairly quickly.

    We got ours from Amazon for ??30 but if you were to buy one similiar to the ones the midwife use they are much more expensive. You can also get ones that record the babys heart rate too but again they are more expensive.

    It is easy at first to mistake your heartbeat for the babys but the babys is much much faster and when you will hear it you will just 'know'.

    Totally worth every penny and I still use mine a couple of times a week even though I am feeling him move as I just love the sound of it.

    22+5 x

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  • I've not tried the Doppler, but I found baby's heartbeat with the Angel Sound at 10 weeks - I bought one cheap from Ebay, and I love it. Don't get too worried if you can't hear the heartbeat straightaway though - I've read a few threads where people have bought them and can't find anything at an early stage in the pregnancy.

    Hope that helps

  • u should go onto the july forum as there is a piece about that on the topic list. me personally will get a angel sound as i've heard everyone raving about it.

  • Hi girls, i have the Angel Sound doppler and i cant recomend it enough, i didnt get it till i was 13 weeks but i found the babies heartbeat straight away, you can tell the difference between your and the babies because for 1, they sound different (babies is stronger) and 2, because the babies is double the speed of your own. they arnt expensive either, i think arouns ??25 ish. also you can record and send to e-mails with the Angel sounds one.

    hope this helps

    XxXxX 18+4
  • I have an angelsounds (just got it at the weekend) and it's great, it was ??24 from ebay inc p&p. You don't need to buy the gel as ordinary moisturiser works just as well, I found baby's heartbeat straight away. I've also heard others saying they've picked it up a bit earlier than me with this one - I'm 12+2 now and heard it on Sat at 11+5
  • hi
    is there any other place to buy one apart from ebay ie mothercare or something.
  • Right that settles it, ive just ordered mine on e-bay
    Thanks girls
  • cah and bump - try amazon, I'm sure someone mentioned getting one there
  • i think iv seen it in argos.....check im not mistaking it for the summer sounds though.

  • thanks for the replies.
    have gone online to argos but the search engine says the don't have one. i might just look in the argos book instead.

  • Hi

    I have the angel sounds one and its fabby!! image
    I got it when i was 15 weeks pregnant and found her heartbeat straight away, although it was realy low down, sorta groin area.

    I got it from ebay for ??25 and it came within a few days. I absoloutely love it, although i dont use it much now as baby kicks me all day :lol:

    You can defo hear the diff between ur own heartbeat and the babies, it is much much faster than ours!!

    Do not buy the summer one, it is SHITE!! :lol:

    I had that one 1st, but could only hear banging about and it gave me a headache. The ones out of boots, argos, mothercare etc is this crappy summer one lol, you have to get angel sounds online image

    Have fun when you get it, its an amazing sound!

    Sharon xx

  • Hi!!

    I've had the angelsounds from 11weeks, (now 15+6) & used it everyday! It's amazing!!!! You can deff tell the difference between your's & babys heartbeat + your heatbeat wouldn't be picked up down there, atleast I've never had that problem anyway!! I've always found my babies hearbeat in the same place too, which is quiet handy!!

    But if your thinking about getting a doppler, I would go for the Angelsounds!!!

  • Excellent, I cant wait to try it, ill try it as soon as I get it even though it may be too early.
    H2B and I werent sure about getting one at first as we thought we'd panic if we couldnt hear anything but now that I know if I tried one I may be able to hear something Ive changed my mind

    Georgie xx 10+5
  • That is the only prob hun, one day i hadnt felt my baby move and put the angel sounds on to get her heartbeat to reassure me that she was ok, but i couldn't find it!! image

    I panicked and phoned hospital and was told to go straight in, i was sooo worried something was wrong as i usually found her heartbeat everyday no probs, but thankfully as soon as the midwife put doppler on my tummy, we could hear BOOM BOOM BOOM :lol:

    I felt like an idiot, but was soo glad all was well. The midwife told me to stop using angel sounds as she comes across too many worried mums to be when we cant find anything.

    Ive found it every other time since tho. image

    Sharon x

  • mrs johnstone,

    was just talking to my hubbie about getting one and he said the same as u! that if we can't find the heartbeat i'd start panicking. so now i'm in two minds about getting one.
  • I think the only way to get round that is to try not to obsess about it. Its so hard though. Im getting one but trying to keep an open mind and hopefully I wont panic if everything goes quiet
  • i got the angel sounds 1 its great but i have days were i couldnt find the heart beat but usually u can hear baby moveing about so thats just as reasureing xx
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